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Booking Extras Flights to Turkey

Upgrade your SunEco ticket to Sunclassic or SunPremium

Do you have a SunEco ticket and now want to upgrade your flight to SunClassic or SunPremium? Or would you like to add individual services such as an X-Leg seat with more leg-room, excess baggage or a premium menu? SunExpress makes it easy!  

Just enter your PNR number and your surname in the relevant boxes and add the services of your choice to the booking.

SunExpress Upgrade procedure

SunClassic / Sun Premium:

  • You can upgrade to SunClassic or SunPremium and order your premium menu up to 36 hours before your flight departs.

X-Leg Seat:

  • To reserve your X-Leg Seat, please allow 36 hours before departure for international flights and three hours for flights within Turkey.

Excess baggage:

  • Excess baggage can be booked up to three hours before your flight departs. Please note that our system is based on turkish time (one hour later). That is why we recommend that you do not leave your reservation until the last minute, if you are booking for example from Germany.

Please be aware that fees for booking added extras are non-refundable.

Add services for and agency customers:

Add services for Tour Operator customers:

If you have any questions regarding your ticket or rebooking, please contact our Service Center:

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Austria: 0820-898797 (0,20 €/min. incl. VAT)
Denmark: 0787 72825 (4,9 cent/min. incl. VAT)
Germany: 01806-95 95 90 (0,20 € / call incl. VAT from a German landline, mobile phone charges in Germany max. 0,60 €/call incl. VAT.)
Finland: 0931579405 (4,9 cent/min. incl. VAT)
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Netherlands: 020 811 0777 (0,039 €/min incl. VAT)
Norway: 800-11263 (free call)
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Sweden: 08-50 639542 (PSTN)
Switzerland: +41 900 444797 (0,36 CHF/min. incl. VAT from a landline)
other countries: 00 90 - 444 0 797