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Please click airport transfer for a comfortable transfer service from/to Antalya airport from/to your wanted destination.

Antalya Airport – Alanya
Route: Antalya Airport, Serik, Manavgat, Alanya

Alanya - Antalya Airport
Route: Alanya, Manavgat, Serik, Antalya Airport

For the daily period of service and the transfer times, please call the below mentioned numbers. It is mandatory to show the E-Ticket or mobile SMS with the corresponding flight data to use the transfer service.

Mahmutlar – Airport: 30,-TL per person/drive

Alanya – Airport: 25,-TL per person/drive

Manavgat – Airport: 20,-TL per person/drive

Contact data: Cartier Turizm Ticaret A.S. - 0530 644 17 39 - 0530 644 17 29 / transfer office: 0242 511 53 38 (pbx) Alanyum office: 0 242 515 11 60 / Central office: 0 242 511 53 31

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‑ Further information with regard to transfers to the asian and european side of Istanbul can be found under

Since the 1st March 2015, HAVAŞ offers an airport transfer between İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport an Aydın.

Departure time from Aydın city center to İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport:












local times


Departs from: in front of the Turist Park

Important: No passenger will be picked up except from the point of departure.

Departure time from Adnan Menderes Airport to Aydin city center:











local times

Transfer Route: İzmir Aydın Yolu, Oğlananası (province of İzmir), İzmir Aydın Otoyolu (E87-O31) (İzmir Aydın highway), Aydın Otoyol Gişeler (D550) (Aydın highway tolls), İzmir Bulvarı (D550) (İzmir Avenue), Adnan Menderes Bulvarı Kavşağı (E87) (Adnan Menderes Avenue crossroad), Adnan Menderes Bulvarı (Adnan Menderes Avenue), Turist Parkı (Turist park)

Get off: Diyaliz Merkezi (Center of dialyis, Pehlivanoğlu, Turist park
Pick up:
Aydın Turist Park city center, Shell Petrol Station stop – in front of Shell petrol station, Polat Petrol ofis

Journey time takes about 90 minutes. Accordingly to trafic journey time can change.Ticket price: 25,00 TL (including tax) one way


Adnan Menderes Havalimanı

Station Manager

İsmail Erarslan


(0 232) 274 22 76


(0 555) 985 11 33


(0 232) 274 22 76


Bus operation by

Adnan Menderes Havalimanı Otobüs İşletmesi

Telefone number of operations:

444 0 487

Adana Airport - Mersin
Route: Adana Airport, Tarsus Kleopatra Tor, Stadion, Forum

Mersin - Adana Airport
Route: Forum, Stadium, Tarsus Kleopatra Tor, Adana Airport

Airport: The departure is 20 min after the arrival of the flight.
Mersin: The departure is about 3,5 hours before the departure of the flight.

Information on the daily transfer times can be found under the following contact numbers:
Service-Price one way: 13,-TL
Average duration of the trip: 3 hours
Contact: Türken GünDinç Taşımacılık A.Ş. – 0 324 341 56 83 – 0 541 402 33 00

The Airport Diyarbakır is due to reinstatement works closed since 01.06.2012.

Since this date our flights to Diyarbakır go to Batman. Therefore we offer our guests a special transfer service between Diyarbakır and Batman.


Batman Airport: The departure is 30 min after the arrival of the flight.

Diyarbakır Departure: 2,5 hours before every flight in front of the Istasyon Meydanı station

Price/One way:  15,-TL per person

Average duration of the drive: 1,5 hours

Please contact the below mentioned telephone numbers for further information.

Contact: : GünDinç Taşımacılık A.Ş. – 0 324 341 56 83 – 0 541 402 33 00

Transfer Service Kars Airport – City:

The departure to Kars is 30 minutes after the arrival of the flight.

Transfer Service Kars City - Kars Airport:

Departure address: Faikbey Cad. No: 148 in front of the Vergül Turizm Agentur.
Service price/one way: 5,00,-TL

Contact: SINIR TURIZM – 0474 212 38 38-39-40  GSM:0532 580 29 88

Malatya-Malatya Airport

Departure point: The departure is 2 hours and 15 minutes before the flight in front of the teacher guest house.

Route: Inönü Cad., Hotel Altın Kayısı, Beydağı Country Hospital, Service Accomodation of the Air Force, Bus station in front of the Makro-Market, police academy, Özsan Industrial Area, opposite the Anemon Hotel, Industrial Area Malatya Airport.

Malatya - Malatya Airport

Route: Malatya Airport (20min after the arrival of the flight) – Industrial Area, opposite the  Anemon Hotel, Özsan Industrial Area, Police-Academy, in front of the Makro-Marcet, Service Accomodation of the Air Force, Beydağı Country Hospital , Hotel Altın Kayısı, Inönü Cad, Teacher-Guest House, East station

Transfer-PriceOne Way: 8,-TL

Contact: Meydan Taşımacılık Turizm Ltd. Şti.  – Office-Tel: 0422 325 14 14 – Car-Tel: 0533 768 20 39 (Mustafa Yakkan)

Bafra - Samsun Airport

Route: BafraCenter, 19.Mayıs, Atakum, Samsun Airport

Samsun Airport - Bafra

Route: Samsun Airport, Atakum, 19.Mayıs, Bafra City Center

Day and time: The departure to Bafra is 20 minutes after the arrival of the flight. The departure in Bafra is three hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

Service-Price one way: Bafra 15,-TL, Atakum and Samsun 7,50,-TL

Average driving time: 1,5 hours

Contacts: Lamirjen Turizm - 0 544 935 55 55