Tailored Services

SunExpress is giving you even more of what you want. Starting now you can also choose from individually tailored plans and numerous extra service options. You can prepare your own custom SunExpress flight package easily and conveniently at sunexpress.com. The following tables will give you all the information you need about how the new plans work and what exactly is included in each plan.


1 Except for Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum and Dalaman, where the baggage allowance is: 20 kg (SunEco), 25 kg (SunClassic) and 30 kg (SunPremium).
2 You get 3 drinks of your choice on our flights within Turkey.
3 Day before check-in is available at a limited number of airports. You can find out at which airports this service is available here.


More information about the tariffs here.


We offer both attractive service packages and a wide range of individual extras.
And, of course, we also offer a wide selection of refreshments starting at 1 euro that do not require the purchase of any extra services. You can conveniently order extra services up to 36 hours before your departure by visiting www.sunexpress.com or via our CallCenter or Travel center.

International Flights


Domestic flights within Turkey


Status: June 2014
Subject to change without notice.

A new kind of inflight entertainment: SunMedia

For more information on our new inflight entertainment programme, please click here