SunPremium Meals


Order in advance and pamper yourself on board with culinary delights

Fly, Savour, Enjoy

How pleasing to know what meal will be served on board even before your flight. We have arranged a diverse range of freshly prepared delicious meals for you. Now on domestic and international flights you can spoil yourself with a delicious dish from the current SunPremium Meals. Either a crisp, freshly prepared salad or maybe a more satisfying meat based meal or perhaps you would prefer the vegetarian option. Just make your order and pay online 36 hours prior to departure and relax in the knowledge that you will be served something special for you to savour on your flight. Prices are TL24 for domestic and €14,99 for international flight and payment takes place when ordering, on board you have nothing to bother about.

You can order these menus online at least 36 hours in advance to your flight, while booking your flight or by sending an e-mail to our Service Center up to three business days prior to your departure.

Discover here the current SunPremium Meals and make your choice:


Enjoy your flight and bon appetit!

SunPremium Meal Selection - International Flights


Hot Breakfast

Freshly prepared omelette with soft cheese cubes, sauteed leaf spinach/potato garnished with leek and grilled tomato in Swiss alpine style. Selection of cheese with olives, cucumber and tomatoes. And fresh fruit salad.

Price: €14,99


Meatballs with Thyme

Chargrilled Meatballs with garden vegetables with a thyme-shallot sauce garnish and potato purée. Crispy salad with carrots, tomatoes and radishes, dressed with olive oil and lemon. Dessert: Baklava.

Price: €14,99


Barbecued Chicken Breast

Barbecued chicken breast with a dressing of marinated shallots garnished with thyme, with a ratatouille of mediterranean vegetables and potatoes. Crispy salad with carrots, tomatoes and radishes, dressed with olive oil and lemon. Dessert: Tiramisu.

Price: €14,99

Ravioli with Cheese

Ravioli filled with cheese in fresh tomato sauce, leaf spinach and olives sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Crispy salad with carrots, tomatoes and radishes dressed with olive oil and lemon. Dessert: Chocolate tart

Price: €14,99


Chef Salad

Salad platter: barbecued chicken with fresh green salad, soft cheese, carrots, peppers, olives, cherries and tomatoes dressed with olive oil and lemon.

Price: €14,99

SunPremium Meal Selection - Domestic Flights

Breakfast Savoury Pastry

Cheese selection with olives, cucumber and tomato, Börek (Phyllo with spinach filling) served with grilled peppers, Fresh fruit salad.

Price: TL24


Breakfast Omelett

Cheese selection with olives, cucumber and tomato, Fresh 2-egg omelette with herbs, topped with fried green pepper, served with roasted country potatoes and cherry tomato, Cherry muffin.

Price: TL24

Grilled Meat Balls

Artichoke cooked with olive oil, garnished with diced carrots, potatoes and green peas, Grilled meat balls served with orzo rice pilaf and peppers, Baklava

Price: TL24

Stuffed Aubergine

Crisp salad greens with carrots, corn kernels, cherry tomato, red cabbage and lemon & olive oil dressing, Aubergine stuffed with minced beef and sautéed chopped onions, tomatoes, parsley, served with orzo rice pilaf, Apple tart

Price: TL24

Grilled Chicken Shish

Roasted aubergine salad and yoghurt with cucumber, olive oil and dill, Grilled chicken shish with red pepper, accompanied with vegetables and rice flavoured with currants, cinnamon and herbs, Fresh fruit salad

Price: TL24

Cheese Ravioli

Sliced fresh Mozzarella cheese with roasted red peppers and fresh pesto, Ravioli with cheese filling tossed in marinara sauce, sautéed green asparagus and cherry tomatoes, topped with parmesan shavings, Revani (Semolina-almond sponge cake with syrup)

Price: TL24