Gliding leisurely across the sky over Cappadocia – Ballooning in Göreme National Park

Cappadocia with balloons

Ballooning above the fairytale landscape of Cappadocia – we really want to take this opportunity to tell you all about this travel tip. First of all, here is a testimonial from an enthusiastic holidaymaker in Turkey who wrote the following on "I fulfilled a lifelong dream during my 20th holiday in Turkey. I took a ride in a hot air balloon above the landscape of Cappadocia. It was a unique experience. We witnessed everything from the preparation of the balloon to the perfect landing. The view that one enjoys from approx. 650 - 1000 metres above the landscape is unparalleled. It is well worth the early start (pick up at your hotel at 5:20 a.m.). The balloon tour lasts approx. 1 hour. Finally, we were all baptised and received a glass of sparkling wine and a certificate as a memento. I can only recommend that anyone who wants to experience something special should go on this balloon tour."

Everyone who has booked a balloon tour locally speaks this enthusiastically. And because demand has been increasing constantly in recent years, a whole range of balloon companies have been founded. Between April and December, over 40 balloons rise every morning in the Cappadocian sky. The balloon tour has become the largest commercial enterprise in the region. We would like to briefly introduce two local operators: "Kaya Ballooning" and the world-famous team from "Kapadokya Balloons".Gliding leisurely across the sky over Cappadocia – Ballooning in Göreme National Park

The experienced pilots of "Kaya Ballooning" prepare their hot air balloons in the campsite above Göreme. The tour starts at sunrise: the wind conditions are best early in the morning. Before it starts, there is a small refreshment in the form of pastries and hot drinks. You then glide for one and a half hours above the valleys, rock formations and forests of the National Park. "Kaya Ballooning" collaborates with pilots of the Turkish airline THK – the safety standards are accordingly high. One of the employees also speaks fluent German.

Over 20 years ago, the Englishwoman Kaili Kidner and the Swede Lars Eric Möre were the first to wake the inhabitants of Cappadocia from the air in the early morning when they turned on the gas loudly beneath a gigantic balloon envelope. The founders of "Kapadokya Balloons" departed from Göreme in 2011 to circumnavigate the world – but their legendary team with experienced pilots from Australia, England and Austria found a new home in Turkey long ago and is still called "Kapadokya Balloons". Their balloons have long been a symbol of Cappadocia.

Gliding leisurely across the sky over Cappadocia – Ballooning in Göreme National Park