Ski Region Erciyes - Kayseri: Heli-Skiing over the Volcano

Ski Region Erciyes - Kayseri: Heli-Skiing over the VolcanoThe Alpine ski resorts have hit the headlines in recent years, above all because they are either overcrowded or cannot reliably offer sufficient snow coverage. It’s therefore a good idea to think of alternative options when planning your next ski or snowboard holiday. If you don’t fancy shelling out for expensive flights and ski passes in the USA and Canada, then you should cast your gaze over to Turkey:

In recent decades, TurkeSki Region Erciyes - Kayseri: Heli-Skiing over the Volcanoy has built up five large winter sports regions with excellent snow conditions and attractive countryside. The one with the most thrills is located on the plain of Kayseri: at an unbelievable height of 3,917 metres above sea level, experienced skiers are set down by helicopter over the extinct volcano Erciyes – followed by a descent of many kilometres over untouched powder snow.

This winter sports region on the southern slope of Erciyes is 25 km from the provincial capital of the same name, and promises guaranteed snow conditions from the end of November to the beginning of April on account of its great height. A two-metre-high powder snow covering and four modern ski lifts promise winter sports fans exceptional ski fun down the highest volcano in central Anatolia. Erciyes rises up at the centre of the elevated plain, giving a panoramic view of the Tuff rock landscape of Cappadocia and the Taurus mountain ranges.

Key points about Ericyes: the ski region is located around 40 minutes from Kayseri Airport. A special shuttle service brings the winter sports fans from the airport to the mountain hotels which lie beneath the ski regions at a height of 2,200 to 3,300 metres. The season lasts 150 days from 20th November to 30th March. Erciyes normally has a two metres covering of powder snow. Suitable for summer skiing, ski tours and heli-skiing. Dry, sunny continental climate.

Available are: 2 chairlifts, 2 harness lifts, qualified ski instructors, a ski hire service, first aid and medical centre, professional periodic maintenance of the pistes and technical facilities. In the next few years the winter sports region will be enlarged into an Alpine village along the lines of Austrian examples.