Region for Winter Sports Sarıkamış / Kars: The Innsbruck of Turkey

Cheap flights to Kars TurkeyTurkey has five large winter sports regions - all have good travel connections, guaranteed snow and beautiful countryside. Instead of Ischgl or Garmish, you should really think about the Taurus Mountains or the North Anatolian mountain range when planning your next ski holiday.

The Innsbruck of Turkey" - the name given by those people who have already visited the Sarıkamış ski region near Kars, in north-eastern Anatolia: the winter sports region in Cıbıltepe boasts one of the longest ski pistes in the world. Located 60 kilometres from Kars Airport, you will find an elevated plain vegetated with conifer forests, at 2,200 to 2,900 metres above sea level, covered by fine crystal snow with a consistency that can otherwise only be found in the high Alps. The dry, cold climate creates the best piste conditions for a descent on powder snow – in plenty of sunshine.

The most important SunExpress facts about the ski region Kars - Sarıkamış - Cıbıltepe:

Kars Airport is around 60 km away from the ski region; the airport at Erzurum is around 100 km away. You can reach Sarıkamış by tour bus or hire car.
Cheap flights to Kars Turkey
The ski  season lasts from December to April Pistes between 2,100 and 2,634 metres high. Up to 800 metres wide, descents of around 1,200 metres. Sarıkamış has a ski lift 844 metres in length. For winter sports visitors there are over 2,600 beds in different types of accommodation available.

You can find a plan of the area and a map with piste routes at:

By the way: even if winter sports have only become popular among the Turks themselves within the last 20 years, skiing started there as early as the 1930s: the German physics and philosophy professor Hans Reichenbach, who had to leave his homeland in 1933 shortly after the Nazis came to power and became professor at the University of Istanbul, introduced the sport to his new home country. He was the first person to descend on the as yet untouched deep snow of the Uludağ Mountain, about 100 kilometres south of Istanbul.

Cheap flights to Kars Turkey