On board

Meals and Snacks

SunExpress carries a wide range of hot and cold drinks, alcoholic beverages, confectionary as well as tasty snacks for your enjoyment on board. 
There’s also the opportunity to book a SunCafé Menu at least 36 hours in advance to your flight, either online at www.sunexpress.com while booking your flight or by sending an e-mail to our Travel Center. More

Special dietary snacks

In case of foodstuff allergies or if you prefer a certain type of food, you can order 36 hours prior to your flight special snacks at a cost of € 5,- via our Travel Center or Call Center. More

Sun Shop

You can buy your duty free during your flight and regularly enjoy favourable prices and special promotions: from fragrances and cosmetics via jewellery and accessories to alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. For more information please click here.

Use of electronic devices

Please keep in mind that the use of electronic devices is strictly forbidden during starting and landing. Here you can find more information with regard to diverse electronic devices.