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Baggage restrictions on flights to the UK

The UK government’s Department for Transport has issued directives regarding baggage security requirements for flights from Turkey to the UK with which SunExpress has to comply.

Please arrive at the airport in good time for your flight as you may be subject to additional searches and may also be called to the boarding gate earlier.

Furthermore, the following rules apply to the carriage of personal electronic devices on SunExpress flights from Turkey to the UK:

Hand baggage

Passengers flying from Turkey to the UK can only carry the following items in the cabin, if they are smaller than 16 cm long, 9.3 cm wide and 1.5 cm deep:

Devices Accessories designed for use with personal devices Chargers for personal devices
  • Smart phones
  • Tablets
  • E-readers
  • Laptops
  • External keyboards
  • External hard drives
  • Power cable transformers
  • Power packs
  • Spare batteries
  • Any of the above devices and accessories which exceed any one of the aforementioned dimensions are not permitted in the cabin and must be transported in your checked baggage.
  • In addition, regardless of their size, it is not permitted to transport power banks and spare batteries in checked baggage in the hold.
  • The respective device must be completely switched off (not in sleep or hibernation mode) and any applications, alarms or pre-set configurations that could activate the devices, must be disabled or deactivated.
  • The device must be packed in a protective case to prevent unintentional activation or damage.

Travel baggage

If you carry any personal electronic devices and accessories in your checked baggage for transportation in the hold, please ensure that:

  • any smart phones, tablets, e-readers and laptops or accessories are completely switched off before being checked-in.
  • all applications, alarms or pre-set configurations that could activate the devices, are disabled or deactivated to prevent inadvertent activation.
  • portable electronic devices are packed in a padded case in the middle of your suitcase and cushioned with soft items like clothing. This will protect them from being damaged during transportation.

Carriage of the following items in checked baggage in the hold is currently strictly forbidden:

  • Power banks / packs
  • Spare batteries
  • Portable smoking devices (e.g. e-cigarettes, personal vaporizers)