Seat Reservation

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Flying with your loved ones? At the airport check-in, we will try our best to accommodate your seating needs. However, our check-in staff can only assign seats from the remaining available seats on the plane. To make sure that you will enjoy your flight altogether, we recommend that you reserve your seats now to guarantee your entire party is seated together.

You can easily reserve your seat online while booking your flight or after booking – up to 3 hours prior to departure on domestic flights and up to 6 hours prior to departure on international flights.

Standard seat reservation fees:

International flights: from 2.99 € per person and one way

Domestic flights within Türkiye (Turkey): from 12,99 ₺ per person and one way

Severely disabled passengers along with one chaperone can book their seats via our Customer Service Center free of charge. Please note that passengers with reduced mobility can only reserve windows seats (A/F) in advance. Other seats might be allocated at the airport check-in desk in consideration to the type and/or grade of the physical restriction.

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XLeg seats

If you prefer to stretch out with more legroom or just have the convenience of getting off the aircraft first, we highly recommend our XLeg seats. You can reserve your seat either online or after booking under “MyBookings” or via our Customer Service Center up to 3 hours before departure on domestic flights and up to 6 hours prior to departure on international flights. According to availability, you can also reserve your seat directly at Check-In.

XLeg seat reservation fees (Emergency Exit rows or front rows):

International flights: from 10.99 € per person and one way

Domestic flights within Türkiye (Turkey): from 64,99 ₺ per person and one way

Please note that passengers need to fulfil the following criteria to occupy an exit row seat due to safety reasons:

  • Be older than 14 years of age
  • Not an infant and child traveling alone
  • Not travelling with pets in the cabin
  • Not an expectant mother
  • Has no physical or mental disturbances
  • Able to understand the instructions of the cabin crew (in Turkish, German or English)
  • Not able to decide on her/his own about opening of the emergency exit and initiate an evacuation if the cabin crew is incapable of acting
  • Not hindered from moving fast due to body mass, weight, illness or age or not supposed to fasten an additional seat belt for any reason
  • Not an accompanying person traveling with a passenger who is dependent on assistance in an emergency situation (e. g. toddler/child, persons with limited mobility)
  • Not being deported forcibly (deportees) who have been or will not be refused entry or who are detained as prisoners

We kindly ask our passengers with reduced mobility or passengers traveling on wheelchairs to contact our Customer Service Center at least 48 hours before departure to inform us about their special assistance needs.

SunExpress reserves the right to move its guest to another seat if so required by security regulations. In such cases, the reservation fee cannot be refunded.

If you were not able to sit on your pre-reserved seat during your flight for any other reason, we kindly ask you to inform us about the situation by submitting your claim via our contact form.

Note: Seat reservations are non-refundable

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Free middle seat

For a more comfortable and care-free flight experience, you can leave the seat next to you empty and benefit from the extra space between you and other passengers.

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