Climate protection with atmosfair

SunExpress + atmosfair = climate protection when flying

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Offset CO₂ now and protect the climate worldwide!

Every flight produces CO₂ emissions. Offset the CO₂ emissions from your SunExpress flight with our partner atmosfair. Your contribution will finance stoves for families in Rwanda. These stoves not only save CO₂ emissions that are created by your SunExpress flight, but also improve living conditions for families in Rwanda at the same time.
Alternative: donation for families in Rwanda
You can also help to improve living conditions in Rwanda with a donation. This will not offset your flight’s climate emissions, but it does help local people and the climate.
For example:

  • 2€ pays for transporting an oven to Rwanda
  • 10€ pays for a set of pots that can be used with the stove

How is my climate protection contribution used?

Your climate protection contribution will be used for the SunExpress climate protection project „clean-burning stoves for Rwanda.“ In densely populated Rwanda, more trees are cut down than can grow back in the same period of time. Together with several partner organizations (i.a., UNHCR), atmosfair sells efficient stoves throughout the whole country. Using the efficient stoves instead of burning charcoal saves large quantities of wood and therefore CO₂. This means huge cost savings for the families since charcoal is becoming ever more expensive. In addition, cooking now produces less smoke, which helps to avoid deadly respiratory illnesses.
The „Save80“ stoves used in the project are prefabricated in Germany and assembled in Rwanda. They are among the most efficient and durable stoves produced worldwide. For more information on the SunExpress climate protection project „clean-burning stoves for Rwanda“ see

What is CO₂ offsetting?

Every flight produces CO₂ emissions. It will be decades until technology will make flying CO₂-free. The only climate-friendly option would be to avoid flying; however, far-away destinations are only accessible by plane.
With your climate protection contribution, atmosfair is working on climate protection projects focused on renewable energies in developing countries. This means that the same amount of CO₂ emissions is saved somewhere else. Regardless of where in the world the CO₂ is being saved, it always helps the climate. At the same time, the local people benefit because they often get access to clean and reliable energy for the first time, which is a must for education and providing equal opportunities.

What is atmosfair?

atmosfair is a non-profit climate protection organization with a focus on offsetting CO₂ emissions from flights. Using flight passengers‘ voluntary climate protection contributions, atmosfair finances and further expands renewable energies in developing countries. The atmosfair climate protection projects are tested regularly by UN–accredited auditors.
atmosfair was created from a research project at the German Ministry for the Environment and has established the highest standards for calculating CO₂ emissions for flights and other modes of transport. Due to the quality of the offsetting projects, its transparency, and low administrative costs, atmosfair has placed first in all comparative studies of offsetting providers since it was founded in 2005.


Do you have questions about CO₂ offsetting, the climate protection project in Rwanda, or atmosfair? You can reach the atmosfair customer advisor Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. at [email protected] or by phone at +49 30 6273550-0.