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Take off with us!

What we expect

As a pilot on one of our modern aircraft, you will ensure the smooth running of our flights at all times. Furthermore, you will master any challenges, which may occur during the flight with confidence and skill. You will assume responsibility for the aircraft and the well-being of our passengers not only with enthusiasm but also with pride. As the captain, you will work closely with the first officer and as first officer with the captain, cooperating as a well-rehearsed team in the cockpit. Your strong leadership skills mean you enjoy an excellent relationship with the cabin crew. You are likeable, and want to work in a friendly team and can identify with our multicultural company.

What we offer

Your job is one of the most fascinating professions in the world. We offer you the opportunity to carry it out with particularly attractive benefits. Take, for example, the beautiful, predominantly sunny, destinations you fly to and the chance to get to know countless other countries and cultures from the inside. Then, you have the open and transparent management style we embrace, including the importance we attach to a high level of satisfaction of each and every member of our team. Not to forget the quality of our fleet, which is one of the youngest on the market today and will continue to be upgraded in coming years. Perhaps an even more important aspect is our consistent focus on growth, coupled with our deep commitment to innovation. After all, this is what secures our company’s excellent future prospects – and the opportunity to watch your career take off.

Vacancies in Turkey