Flight crew

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A great crew makes all the difference when it comes to a smooth-running and well organised flight. The flight crew works closely together, ensuring synergy between cockpit and cabin crews to ensure passengers get the best flight possible. As part of the flight crew at SunExpress, you’ll be responsible for the well-being of every passenger. In your daily duties, you’ll be faced with new challenges, get to know new cultures and discover new countries. SunExpress offers an exciting challenge and diverse remit while you become part of one of the best teams in the industry.

Detailed job description

As a pilot within the SunExpress fleet, you’ll be responsible for the flight itself and the aircraft will be entrusted to you. Captains and First Officers work closely together as part of a well-established team. As a flight attendant on the other hand, you’ll serve as the first point of contact for passengers. With a friendly smile and service-oriented manner, you’ll ensure a comfortable atmosphere on board and contribute to the well-being of passengers. In addition, you’ll keep an overview of any irregularities during every flight and be on hand to instruct passengers of any emergency measures should the need arise.

Benefits of working with SunExpress

If you’re looking for a new career as part of the SunExpress flight crew, you’ll find an exciting and varied set of activities, working as part of an international team. As an airline with more than 25 years of experience, we can offer you a versatile remit within an established airline. Our company attaches a great importance to the satisfaction and well-being of every member of our team.

General job requirements

If you’re looking forward to discovering new countries and cultures, you’re already on the right track for a rewarding new role with SunExpress. We also prize communication and a service-oriented manner, while a well-groomed appearance and organisational ability are also essential when it comes to our roles. With us, you’re not only part of the flight crew, but a fully fledged member of our ever-expanding company.

Essential qualifications

Depending on what kind of job you’re applying for at SunExpress, you’ll have to ensure you fulfil the basic qualifications credentials. Details of available jobs can be found online, with essential qualifications outlined. On board, however, you’ll definitely need to demonstrate good English and German skills so that you can effectively meet the needs of our passengers. A knowledge of Turkish is also crucial when working on some flights, but is not a compulsory requirement.

About SunExpress

SunExpress, a joint venture between Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, was founded in 1989 and today boasts a fleet of more than 70 aircraft. 41 individual aircraft fly between destinations in Turkey and other European destinations, with a further 30 aircraft serving other airlines. The company is one one of the leading holiday airlines in Germany. Currently, more than 3,800 employees form our ground and flight crews.

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