Ground crew

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Ground Staff

Your guide to working with SunExpress

A career with SunExpress’s ground staff team has many perks and benefits, with a versatile remit that ensures every day is a varied one. In contrast to flight attendants and flight crew, ground staff teams take on tasks at the airport itself. Whether you’re looking for a position in controlling, administration, flight processing or customer service, at SunExpress you’re guaranteed to find a job that’s right for you. As a member of the ground staff team, you’ll help ensure the smooth running of air traffic and passenger processing, working alongside highly motivated colleagues in an international team. You’ll be working alongside professionals that thrive under pressure, excel during peak times and are always ready to face new challenges.

Detailed job description

As a member of the ground staff team at SunExpress, you’ll take on a variety of tasks within a family atmosphere. Your tasks can range from the creation of flight plans to the successful completion of flight and passenger processing. You’ll work hand in hand with your team to ensure the smooth running of day-to-day operations at the airport. Customer service is also one of the most typical tasks that ground personnel will face, covering everything from aircraft maintenance to ensuring compliance with safety regulations. Thanks to the different areas that need to be tackled, you can expect to find a number of different positions at SunExpress, each with their own requirements.

Benefits of working at SunExpress

SunExpress has been around for more than 25 years and stands as one of the most reliable workplaces in the airline industry. We pride ourselves on our top-flight training and education schemes, ensuring every employee who joins us is given ample opportunity to excel and shine. We believe only a satisfied team and happy employees can do a great job. As a member of the ground staff team, you’ll be standing as an important member of the SunExpress family and can reap the benefits of a trusted airline and rapidly growing company.

General job requirements

If you’re interested in pursuing a career within the aviation industry, you’ll need to consider the critical requirements of an application. As you’ll be working with new people every day at SunExpress, exceptional social skills, first-rate customer service and adaptability are essential. In addition, you’ll need to be able to maintain high levels of service and be able to comfortably communicate with both passengers and colleagues. We attach great importance to a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and we expect our employees to promote this wherever they go.

Essential qualifications

As you’ll be coming into contact with passengers from different cultures and countries, you should ideally have a good knowledge of both English and German. Depending on the exact job you’re looking at applying for, the exact requirements may different jobs. Certain jobs require specific qualifications, including holding a valid driving license or possessing in-depth computer skills.

About SunExpress

With more than 3,800 employees, SunExpress is one of Germany’s leading holiday airlines. As a joint venture between Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, the company has been active in the field of European aviation since 1989. With a fleet of more than 70 passenger planes, SunExpress is focused on flights around Turkey, as well as connections between Turkey and other European destinations. There’s also a growing number of holiday destinations throughout the Mediterranean.

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