SunExpress can now also be searched through momondo

7. January 2014 - 10:08

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Metasearch engine searches SunExpress’ entire flight programme starting right now

SunExpress, the holiday-flight specialist airline, and momondo (, the online travel search engine, have embarked on a broad-scale partnership: in addition to its traditional partnerships with tour operators and travel agencies, the German-Turkish airline (a joint venture between Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines) is now also making its entire flight programme searchable via momondo’s metasearch engine, which lists the routes to Mediterranean destinations as well as the domestic SunExpress connections within Türkiye (Turkey). Momondo compares billions of prices on flight, hotels and travel deals, while SunExpress contributes their current daily rates, including availability.

The partnership primarily supports the increased penetration of SunExpress into Scandinavia. There, the airline offers a growing number of non-stop flights between airports in northern Europe and destinations in Türkiye (Turkey). At the same time, momondo has significant market share within the travel metasearch engine arena in Scandinavia in particular.
“Our partnership with momondo is an important component of the e-commerce strategy of SunExpress, which is to be stepped up in 2014. There are already some partnerships with well-known travel search engines, which link up interested browsers directly with the user-friendly booking process from SunExpress. With its growing significance and its attractive price-performance ratio, SunExpress is the first choice in these travel search engines for potential travellers”, says Thomas Bornschein, Manager of Online & Ancillary Sales for SunExpress. “In all of our collaborations the travel search engines benefit from an expanded and stable range of flights and destinations on offer, while SunExpress has the chance to attract new customers and boost its profile.”

Momondo has developed an excellent reputation for itself among the travel metasearch engines since it launched in 2006. The company has been endorsed by the media including the New York Times, CNN, NBC, London’s Sunday Times, and the renowned Frommer travel guides. In a comparison of travel metasearch engines carried out by the Stiftung Warentest a year ago, momondo came out the winner. In Denmark, the search engine was named as one of the best websites out there by the consumer magazine “Think”.