SunExpress stands in solidarity with Izmir

31. October 2020 - 9:44

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SunExpress, a joint venture of Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, is playing its part in lending support to Izmir after Friday’s devastating earthquake.

As the home carrier of Izmir, SunExpress announced that it is offering free rebooking options to passengers booked on flights to and from Izmir up till Wednesday November 4, 23:59 ETD. Passengers will be able to rebook their flights free of charge by contacting the SunExpress Customer Service Center on 444 0 797.

Free cargo capacity for support materials needed

SunExpress will also provide free cargo service for all support materials sent to the earthquake region. The airline will deliver all kind of aids sent to the residents of Izmir from different parts of Türkiye (Turkey) free of charge.

SunExpress guests can visit the airline’s website to find out more details about rebooking options for flights to and from Izmir.