SunExpress starts flights from Antalya to 3 more cities in Germany

25. August 2020 - 16:30

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SunExpress, the airline that connects Antalya to the most destinations on both domestic and international routes with direct scheduled flights, has released its domestic and international flight schedule from Antalya for September.

The first airline to operate both domestic and international flights from Antalya and Izmir after the lifting of the travel bans, SunExpress is offering direct scheduled flights from Antalya to 7 destinations in Türkiye (Turkey) and 21 in Europe in September.

On its international routes to Germany, SunExpress will start flying again to Leipzig from September 3 and to Saarbrücken from September 6, while from September 15 it will offer flights to Bremen twice a week. SunExpress will continue its daily flights to popular destinations in Germany such as Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hanover, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich in September, and will offer four weekly flights to Nuremberg and two to Münster.

In addition to flights to Germany, the airline will continue to fly to 8 cities in Europe including London, Amsterdam, Paris, Vienna, Brussels and Basel in September, offering direct scheduled flights from Antalya to those cities.

On the domestic network, SunExpress will offer 11 weekly flights from Antalya to Adana, 10 to Diyarbakır, 7 to Van, 6 to Gaziantep, 3 to Trabzon and Samsun and 2 to Kayseri, while operating 2 daily flights to Izmir on weekdays and 3 daily flights on weekends.

Safety measures for Covid-19

SunExpress advises its passengers to arrive at the airport three hours before departure because of hygiene and social distancing rules at airports. The airline has taken all necessary measures to provide a healthy and safe flight experience for passengers and crew in close cooperation with national and international health and aviation authorities.

All passengers travelling from Türkiye (Turkey) to Germany are required to take the Covid-19 test and those who do not submit a negative PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test result taken within 48 hours prior to arrival will not be allowed to board the flight.

Wearing face masks is mandatory on board all SunExpress flights. The airline has also updated its in-flight services to minimize contact. While the limited service will only be available on flights that are over two hours, SunExpress will no longer serve food and beverages on flights under two hours. According to directives from the relevant authorities, the airline will not accept any cabin baggage on board except essential items such as laptops, handbags, briefcases and baby items. SunExpress will also distribute disinfectant wipes to passengers on all its flights.

Disinfection procedures approved by international authorities are being carried out regularly on all aircraft in the SunExpress fleet. Each aircraft has the High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtering system that is also found in hospital operating rooms. These filters, which have a 99.9-percent success rate against all known viruses including the coronavirus, refresh the air every three minutes from top to bottom during the flight.

Within the scope of the “Hayat Eve Sığar” program implemented by the Turkish Ministry of Health, it is mandatory for all passengers booked on domestic flights to have a HES code during the Covid-19 pandemic or until further notice. Passengers who are not approved by the Ministry of Health for travel will not be permitted to fly.