SunExpress supports Diyarbakır tourism

20. September 2018 - 16:56

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SunExpress which has become the first and only airline to connect Diyarbakir directly to Europe with new flights launched from Diyarbakir to Germany’s popular destinations Frankfurt, Hannover and Düsseldorf on June 2018 continues to support Diyarbakir tourism.

SunExpress brings the international travel agencies to Diyarbakir between 20 and 23 September 2018 to introduce Diyarbakır, which hosted dozens of civilizations throughout history and fascinates its visitors with its rich cuisine and unique cultural texture, to domestic and foreign tourists living abroad.

With the support of SunExpress, 35 tour operators will have the chance to see Diyarbakır, which serves as a natural bridge between Anatolia and Mesopotamia, Asia and Europe in all periods of its history, carrying the historical and cultural heritage of various civilizations to the present day, and to taste its unique cuisine.

SunExpress, the first and only airline connecting Diyarbakır directly to Europe with new German destinations, launched in June, continues to offer direct connections from Diyarbakir to Antalya and Izmir on domestic routes. In addition, the airline connects Diyarbakır to 18 destinations in Europe via Izmir and Antalya.


About SunExpress:

SunExpress was founded in Antalya in 1989 as a subsidiary of Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa. Now with 29 years of experience in the aviation sector and in holiday expertise, SunExpress offers more than 60 destinations in more than 20 countries between Türkiye (Turkey), Europe and the Canary Islands, the Red Sea and North Africa. SunExpress employs nearly 4000 employees in Antalya, Frankfurt, Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul. SunExpress carries more than 8 million passengers each year with its fleet of 68 aircraft, one of the youngest in Europe. For more information about SunExpress and high quality low-cost flights you can visit


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