SunExpress your benefits – we send our customers on a future orientated, new journey

1. October 2018 - 16:33

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SunExpress your benefits puts the focus more on our customers, provides individual travel offers and more attractive opportunities to collect flights and Points.

Frankfurt, 18.19.2018 – The Charter airline introduces with SunExpress your benefits a new program, which puts the focus – not as the usual programs – more on individuality. If registered at SunExpress your benefits, the customer will directly receive tailored offers and information. In addition he can collect and redeem Points as well as flights. Customers are furthermore able to profit from the already in existence partnership PAYBACK, which allows – regardless of SunExpress your benefits – to collect points for booking flights at the own PAYBACK-account. From now on, interested users are able to register at for SunExpress your benefits and take advantage of welcome gifts and start collecting.

“It’s important for us, to introduce a multifaceted and still simple loyalty program, which is really attractive. To offer our customers more individuality at travel booking, we want to get to know their needs better. This is why we create with SunExpress your benefits not only a program, which offers exactly this, but also an active community, which can compare notes directly with us as an airline.” said Peter Glade, Commercial Director of SunExpress.

Flying and collecting Points with SunExpress your benefits applies for every SunExpress flight, regardless of the price and destination. If someone flies with SunExpress ten times, the one will receive a free flight. Points can particularly be collected by booking extended benefits, e.g. seat reservations or additional luggage. Even recommendations to friends or a Like of our Facebook page pays. Points can then be spent for additional benefits at the next booking. “SunExpress slogan is: from members for members”, Glade added.

As a family friendly airline, SunExpress has been thinking about something very special for families, e.g. which also live in different countries: SunExpress your benefits offers the opportunity of a family account, which can be used by multiple family members and even by chummy families to collect Points together and to get a free extra even faster.

“With this total package, SunExpress your benefits differs from the common market programs. It does not only have attractive benefits ready, we also create personalized offers with the community and provide just what is really interesting. For our customers and their families, wherever they are”, Peter Glade puts it in a nutshell.

Interested people can register at for the SunExpress your benefits and collect Points and flights with every flight booking from now on. A registration until 2nd October 2018 will be directly honored with a benefit: Every booked flight counts double and the seat reservation is for free.