Diversity & Inclusion at SunExpress

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At SunExpress, we are strongly committed to encouraging equality, diversity, and inclusion throughout our organization. For us, diversity means the employment of talent with a variety of abilities, mindsets, perspectives, and qualities; inclusion means recognizing the true value of all our individual employee’s capabilities and bringing these different qualities together to make our business more successful.

As a leading leisure airline, with extensive sectoral expertise, an established safety culture, and an innovative spirit, our role as an equal opportunity employer is extremely important to us. We regard diversity as the source of our strength, and we provide equal opportunities for all our employees.

In this respect, based upon the voluntary participation of our employees, we have established the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, a first for an organization in the Turkish aviation industry. In addition as part of our Diversity and Inclusion policy and commitments, we joined the IATA 25by2025 initiative which aims to raise awareness on improving the representation of women and drive greater gender equality across the aviation industry.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Principles

1. We are an equal opportunity employer promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

SunExpress, as an Equal Opportunity Employer, welcomes all applicants independent of individual differences. We believe that having a diversified talent is our biggest strength. All decisions about our current and potential talent are based solely on competency, know-how, skills, and experience.

2. We reflect our multinational nature, endorse diversity and inclusion by increasing awareness and interaction.

As a multicultural company, SunExpress employs people from various backgrounds. We believe that diversified talent is one of the key drivers for maintaining our competitive edge. We strive for a workforce with a global and inclusive mindset.

3. We foster an inclusive work environment and provide “equal opportunities for all” in leadership and talent development.

We acknowledge the sophisticated nature of our business and strive for maximum expertise. We are committed to offer multiple opportunities to meet the individual needs of all our employees in their development. We create and cultivate a shared mentality that cherishes diversity and inclusion reflecting SunExpress’ corporate values and regulatory standards.