Innovation and sustainability

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Innovation and sustainability: even the smallest acts can make big changes.

Every year, more than nine million passengers choose to fly with us within Europe and further afield. But as a modern, successful airline, we want to move more than just people from A to B. Our mission is to make air travel more comfortable and enjoyable, yet more environmentally friendly and sustainable at the same time. From new technology through pioneering services all the way to sustainable materials and processes, we are open to lots of ideas. This especially applies to our collaboration with and promotion of committed start-ups, which provide us with constant inspiration through their visionary ideas.

Fasten your seatbelts – and action!

On selected international flights, our passengers can enjoy entertainment in a new dimension – using cutting-edge virtual reality glasses that do not require Wi-Fi or the associated charging times. They can choose from a selection of current Hollywood blockbusters, TV series, shows, documentaries about their destination and relaxing meditation videos. And to keep boredom at bay for our mini jet-setters, there’s also plenty of content for kids. In short, big cinema straight to your seat.

Countless destinations, one aim: to make what we’re good at even better.

We are deeply aware that as an airline, we also have an impact on the environment. This is why it is very important to us to actively contribute to its protection. A key component in this is the use of modern, low-emission aircraft, which helped us to secure 6th place in the 2018 Airline Index published by the renowned climate protection organisation atmosfair. This index compares the 190 largest airlines in terms of the carbon efficiency of their fleets.

We also embrace many more pioneering concepts to successively increase our sustainability, which we also highlighted through campaigns on World Environment Day. On 5 June, all plastic straws, crockery and cutlery on our international flights were replaced with sustainable wood or paper alternatives, saving almost 70,000 disposable plastic items. To raise awareness amongst our younger passengers, we handed out puzzle books made of FSC-certified paper, which taught them about topics such as waste separation and microplastics in a fun and playful manner.

A question of good material. And good ideas.

Aside from World Environment Day, we have also introduced a series of further initiatives to continue on our path to becoming a sustainable airline with a ‘green cabin’. Since 2018, we have gradually replaced our on-board equipment with lightweight models, such as our state-of-the-art ultra-lightweight trolleys, which save a total of 14 kg on a return flight between Germany and Türkiye (Turkey). Calculated over all flights, this corresponds to a CO2 saving of approximately 36 tonnes up to May 2019. Another example is our sustainable drinking bottle ‘Bübi’, a foldable, reusable bottle made of silicone, which we fill with half a litre of water for free with every purchase.

Guilt-free enjoyment – for adults and kids alike.

Our collaboration with the foodora delivery service start-up goes to show that food provision really can be healthy and sustainable. Throughout March and April 2019, passengers on our Düsseldorf-Antalya route were able to purchase fresh, on-trend cuisine from the restaurants Greentrees and An Banh Mi in Dusseldorf – delivered and served on dishes made entirely of biomaterials.

And because healthy eating is an important growth factor for little ones and they’re not always too impressed by ‘grown-up food’, we have launched a kids’ menu, which can be pre-ordered up to 36 hours before take-off. The main course is a true all-time champion of children’s favourites: multi-coloured pasta with a delicious tomato sauce and cheese. The treasure chest also holds a banana, a yoghurt, one savoury and one sweet snack, a soft drink from the galley and a treasure, which is game. This is guaranteed to keep the little ones busy and give the adults more time to relax.