SunExpress Bonus

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****************Only available now****************

More comfort – collect double BonusPoints!

For you being a SunExpress Bonus member treating yourself to some extra comfort when travelling now pays off even more. Our loyal customers now exclusively receive double BonusPoints for every ancillary services booking – valid for all flights until 31.05.2019

SunExpress BonusPoints for:

  • Seat reservation: 60 instead of 30
  • XLeg seat: 120 instead of 60
  • 5 kg additional luggage: 90 instead of 45
  • 10 kg additional luggage: 180 instead of 90
  • 15 kg additional luggage: 270 instead of 135
  • 20 kg additional luggage: 360 instead of 180

The best thing about this: Even if you have already booked your flights with SunExpress you can still add ancillary services and receive double BonusPoints!

Why don’t you check right now how you can make your next flight with us even more enjoyable:


1) 10+1: Fly ten times, get 1 free flight

10+1: Fly ten times with SunExpress and get on board the eleventh time free of charge

Each flight counts, no matter where you fly to or how much you pay*
Convenient editing of each booking detail online
Free flight redeemable within 3 years

*The only rule is that for an international free flight you must have collected at least five international flights in your account.

2) BonusPoints: Earn and redeem

Our new loyalty points are called BonusPoints. You can earn BonusPoints quickly and easily through various actions: by reserving a seat or XL seat, by booking 5, 10, 15 or 20 kg excess baggage, or by inviting friends to SunExpress Bonus. BonusPoints have cash value. You can use them to pay for SunExpress comfort services such as seat reservations and excess baggage, so that you enjoy your flights even more.

3) Open a Family Account and collect together

More benefits for families
Up to 7 members (wife, children, uncle, aunt ect.)
Collect BonusPoints together
Transfer Points and receive free extra services faster
Book flights for the whole family easier and faster