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The aircraft fleet from SunExpress

The Boeing fleet from SunExpress

The fleet of 64 aircraft is one of the most modern fleets in the whole of Europe and the modernization continues with SunExpress, the joint venture between Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines. Five of the 50 new planes ordered in 2014 by the aircraft builder Boeing have already been delivered. These Boeing 737-800s will be followed in 2016 by seven other aircraft of the same type. In addition to the most popular aircraft type already used by SunExpress, a further five Boeing 737-8 MAXs will be added to the SunExpress fleet by 2021.

Information from Boeing about the 737-8 MAX

The aim is to replace the machines leased, for the most part, by private aircraft. On the one hand, this strengthens the SunExpress brand; on the other hand, the use of completely new aircraft also benefits the passengers of the airline directly. These benefits include flights with more leg room, in-flight entertainment via WLAN and a pleasant ambience.
For a uniform, corporate identity of the airline, the cabins of the previously existing fleet of six aircraft will also be redesigned. The interior is brighter and instead of the dominant blue, a fresh orange in combination with a light grey provides a friendly atmosphere.

The different types of aircraft at SunExpress

So far, operating alongside the original Boeing 737-800, SunExpress also has two Boeing 737-700s. Both machine types differ only in their length, with the 737-800 measuring exactly six metres more than it’s smaller counterpart. Thanks to an improved seating plan, the large aircraft will allow up to 40 people to travel to one of SunExpress’ sunny destinations. With an increase of 11 seats in the Boeing 737-8 MAX, delivered in 2021, they will fly to Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya or to one of the more than 100 other airports. These top-of-the-line aircraft have a top speed of 14 km/h (842 km/h), with a wingspan that is smaller than that of the previous aircraft.

SunExpress service menus—Even more comfort in one of the youngest aircraft fleets in the world

In order to keep you comfortable as a passenger with SunExpress, Boeing has now outfitted its aircraft with Weber’s ergonomic seats. These improvements allow increased legroom while maintaining the same seating. The trick here is that the literature pouch for the onboard magazine and the safety card are no longer placed at knee height, but instead, directly behind the fold-out table.

Boeing’s latest technology, in particular, due to reduced weight of Boeing’s new engines, and the winglets at the end of the wings which has been installed on many older aircraft, significantly reduces the fuel consumption during each flight. In addition, the airline’s total fleet will be significantly revised from 2016 to 2021. The average SunExpress aircraft will then be only 3.6 years old. Compared to other airlines, SunExpress will soon be one of the world’s youngest aircraft fleets.