New Boeing 737

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The new Boeing 737 aircraft from SunExpress

Boeing 737

The Boeing 737 is the main aircraft of SunExpress, the joint venture of Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines. Our entire aircraft fleet consists of planes of this design, with two different versions starting from 2017, namely the Boeing 737-800 and the Boeing 737-700. Overall, SunExpress operates 55 aircraft, with the majority of these machines being leased. However, this will change leading into 2021, as the fleet of leased machines will gradually be converted to privately ownership aircraft. 50 new machines were ordered in 2014 by the aircraft builder Boeing, including the Boeing 737-800—click here for the 3D video—but also of the bigger Boeing 737 MAX 8.

The benefits for the customers of SunExpress is that the average age of the fleet will be one of the lowest of all airlines. In addition, thanks to new seating, improved leg room and excellent seat comfort, as well as maximum reliability and safety, are guaranteed.

The most popular Boeing range

The Boeing 737-800 will be used to expand the existing aircraft fleet with the new strategy focused on privately owned machines. As of February 2016, of this type, 5,003 machines are ordered worldwide, of which 3,911 already fly for different airlines. With these figures, it’s clear to see this commercial aircraft is the most successful Boeing 737 in the long range for this aircraft fleet. Price-wise, the machine moves in the range of $90 million.

The Boeing 737 measures 39.5 m in length, reaches a height of 12.5 m and has a span of 35.79 m. The Boeing 737-800 is also extremely safe and reliable under pilots and flys up to 189 passengers. The cruising speed is 830 km/h and the maximum range is 7,408 km.