Corona care guarantee protection of personal data announcement

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Protection of personal data announcement regarding the sale of corona care guarantee product

This informative text has been prepared according to the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (KVKK) and the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by Güneş Ekspres Havacılık A.Ş. (SunExpress) as the data controller to clarify and provide information regarding the processing of your health data (Positive COVID-19 test result).

To ensure the rights you will have within the scope of the sale of the product;

  • Your positive COVID-19 test result needs to be sent to the SunExpress Customer Service Center. You have to approve the declaration of your explicit consent before completing the booking process in order for your health data to get processed.
  • Even if they are not passengers on one of our flights, the positive COVID-19 test result that belongs to your spouse and/or first degree relatives (mother/father/child) should be provided to the SunExpress Customer Service Center by the test result owner. In order for us to process the health data of your spouse, mother, father, or child, the information text will be presented to the respective persons via “SMS” by our Customer Service Center. Before these persons send in their test results, these persons’ explicit consent will be requested via the “WhatsApp” app with a text message stating the following sentence: “I have read and approved the information text”. If the test owner is under 16 years of age, explicit consent should be given by his/her legal guardian. Additional documents may be requested proving that the test owner is the spouse/mother/father/child of the passenger.

You can submit all the necessary documents via the “WhatsApp” application using our company’s “WhatsApp Business” line. The WhatsApp Business application is end-to-end encrypted and works in full integration with the Salesforce cloud system of which the data storage center is located in the European Union region. After the message has been received, SunExpress  Customer  Service Center agents will thoroughly check the documents. Following the document check, the respective health document will be deleted immediately and not kept in SunExpress’s digital systems, including the Salesforce cloud system.

The submission of the documents of your spouse and first degree relatives (mother/father/child) should also be completed via our company’s “Whatsapp Business” line, according to the terms and conditions stated above. Before sending in your first-degree relatives’ health data, the test owner will be asked to confirm that they have read and approved the information text provided and give their explicit consent to their health records’ data processing.

Your explicit consent is required when transferring your health data outside of the European Union to the Republic of Türkiye (Turkey) within the scope of GDPR as well as under the KVKK scope when transferring from the Republic of Türkiye (Turkey). Transferring your personal data to the European Union region or the Republic of Türkiye (Turkey) can only be possible in case you accept these terms and conditions and give your explicit consent before completing your booking.

According to Article 6/2 of the KVKK and Article 9/2 (a) of the GDPR, your health data can only be processed with your explicit consent. Also, according to  Article 9/1 of the KVKK and Article 49/1 (a) of the GDPR, It can be transferred abroad with your consent. In the case of giving your explicit consent for the processing/transfer of your personal data abroad, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Revocation of your consent will only be applied for future requests and will not affect the legal compliance of the data processing/transfer abroad which has been carried out in the past. If you want to withdraw your explicit consent, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] indicating your wish to withdraw your already-given explicit consent.

You may notify SunExpress about your rights and requests within the scope of the 11th Article of KVKK and the 3rd section of GDPR, which regulates the rights of the data subject, via mail sent to SunExpress’ official address: Yenigöl Mah Nergiz Sok No:84 PK No:07230 Muratpaşa/ Antalya or forward it to the following e-mail address: [email protected].