100 % negative tested flights – Information on the PCR testing process

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Due to the mandatory PCR testing requirement for the passengers traveling from Türkiye (Turkey) to Germany, we have summarized the entire process including some useful tips that would help you experience a flawless and enjoyable flight on your way back to Germany.

The easy-breezy way of getting tested before your journey We are offering a special discount on the mandatory PCR/antigen tests for all international flights departing from Antalya Airport.

Enjoy your 100% negative tested flight!

Q&As for the PCR testing process

Why is it necessary to take the PCR test?

The so-called RT-PCR test (Reserve Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction Test) detects whether an acute infection with the COVID-19 virus is present. According to the regulations issued by different countries, this test may help you avoid restrictive measures following your arrival at your destination airport, e.g. the quarantine period required in many countries, or when returning to Türkiye (Turkey) from abroad. Depending on the destination, the PCR test can also be mandatory. We therefore strongly advise checking the entry requirements for the respective country ahead of time.

Where can I get tested for COVID-19?

Travelers visiting Türkiye (Turkey) for touristic purposes will be able to take the test either at their hotel’s health center or at one of the hotel’s contracted hospitals. For an overview of hotels with test centers and the option to go in quarantine, please refer to the government website. Apart from that, many certified public health laboratories offer to test both Turkish citizens and foreigners. For an overview of available test centers in your region, please refer to the government website  or contact the tourist information office located closest to you. If you are planning on visiting a public or private hospital in your region, we strongly recommend contacting the facility beforehand.

On top of that, some of the major Turkish Airports, such as Antalya, Izmir, Dalaman and Bodrum offer PCR tests to passengers leaving for an international destination or returning to their country of origin. Due to limited capacities, waiting times at the airport testing centers may vary.

Overview of airports with test facilities:

Airport Location of  the test center  Opening hour Fee Airport website
Antalya Terminal 1 Arrivals 24/7 EUR 30/ ~TL 250 https://www.antalya-airport.aero/passengers-visitors/covid-19-measures
Izmir International Terminal Departures 24/7 EUR 30/ ~TL 250 http://www.adnanmenderesairport.com/en-EN/
Dalaman Terminal Departures 24/7 EUR 30/ ~TL 250 http://yda.aero/en.html
Bodrum International Terminal Departures 24/7 EUR 30/ ~TL 250 http://www.milas-bodrumairport.com/en-EN/

We strongly advise you to take the test at your hotel if possible. Due to limited capacities, waiting times at the airport testing centers may vary.

Is making an appointment for the test possible?

For public health laboratories and test centers located at the airports, making an appointment is not possible. If you would like to take the test at the hotel, we strongly recommend that you contact the hotel’s health center to ask if making an appointment is possible to reduce waiting times at the hotel.

How many hours in advance can I apply for my PCR test?

The laboratory evaluation takes at least 6 hours and will depend on the number of applications. If the negative PCR test is older than 72 hours, it will not be accepted upon arrival in Germany, and it is important to apply for the test at a convenient time before your departure if you are leaving for Germany. For other countries, please check the current regulations that are in place for your destination country. The test centers will not accept any applicants registering less than 24 hours before their departure.

Is there anything I should do to apply for the test?

During the application process for the PCR Test at the different locations, you will most probably need to submit your flight ticket or proof of reservation, the application form, a form of identification (e.g. Passport) and your chosen method of payment.

Will I be charged for my test and how will I pay for it?

The cost for the procedure is borne by the passenger. The fee is € 30 (approx. 250 TL) at public health laboratories, touristic facilities and airports. It is possible to make the payment with cash or via a valid credit card at the test center. We recommend you to check the possible payment methods with the test center beforehand.

How do I obtain the results of my PCR Test?

You will be able to obtain the printed version of your PCR Test result if you pick it up at the test center. You will also have the option to receive it via e-mail or through https://enabiz.gov.tr/ using the last 4 digits of your passport number and the barcode number. The results will be available in English.

I took the PCR test, but I was told that my result would be delayed. Will I still be able to fly?

For our flights to Germany, we can only accept passengers on board with a negative PCR test result which should not be older than 72 hours upon their arrival in Germany. For other countries, we strongly advise you to check the entry requirements for the respective country.

Will I still be able to travel if I am tested positive for COVID-19?

In the unlikely case of you being tested positive for COVID-19, you will not be accepted on board our flights and will be subject to 14 days of quarantine in Türkiye (Turkey). In case you have symptoms for COVID-19, you will be treated at a local hospital. For asymptomatic cases, some hotels offer quarantine rooms as you will not be able to stay at the hospital. We therefore strongly recommend that you get in touch with your hotel for more information about the quarantine process provided at the hotel. After 14 days, the PCR Test will be performed again and if the result is negative, you will be able to travel abroad.

Will I be charged for the COVID-19 treatment in case I am tested positive?

Turkish citizens will be treated for COVID-19 at free of charge. International travelers will be charged the statutory cost for their treatment. We therefore recommend you to check the cost coverage with your travel health insurance provided in advance. In order to be covered in the case of a positive test result, we recommend that you take out a “COVID-19 Tourist Protection and Support Insurance for Türkiye (Turkey)”. Here you will find an offer from one of Türkiye’s (Turkey’s) biggest insurance companies Güneş Sigorta.

Where should I go if I am asymptomatic and need to go under quarantine somewhere apart from the hospital?

We strongly recommend that you get in touch with your tour operator or your hotel. If the quarantine decision is taken by public pandemic hospitals because of Covid-19 and one of those service providers have taken out the Covid-19 Accommodation Support Insurance, you will be able to prolong the duration of your stay at the hotel at no cost depending on the coverage scope of the chosen insurance package.

What kind of procedure will be applied to my ticket in case I am tested positive?

We kindly ask you to get in touch with our Customer Service in such a case. You will receive detailed rebooking options from our customer service representatives.