Travel information: COVID-19

By using the interactive map below, you can easily find the latest entry regulations for your approaching international trip – We hope this will ease your planning to your dream destination.  

Important Notice:

  1. Please note that the definition of “being fully vaccinated” may vary from country to country. It is always a good idea to check whether you meet the specific requirements stated by the destination country.
  2. In case you need more specific information regarding the entry rules which apply under certain conditions (e.g., studying abroad, health-related travels, diplomatic reasons, and so on), we highly recommend that you visit the IATA Travel Centre page to obtain detailed information. Additionally, you may check the Passport, Visa, and Health Requirements page in order to make sure that you are completely ready for your next trip.
  3. The information that is made available on this page is solely for information purposes and is being provided by Visa Run Inc. (dba Sherpa), which obtains the latest information updates from the most reliable sources. SunExpress does not accept liability or responsibility for the correctness or the accuracy of this information which is subject to change at any time. Please bear in mind it is our passengers’ responsibility to inform themselves of the latest entry regulations and hygiene measures that may apply in their destination country or the country that they are transiting through.



Flying with us in times of Corona  – Our hygiene measures

To ensure that you have a hassle-free and relaxing journey with us, we have developed extensive safety and hygiene measures in line with the authorities‘ requirements and recommendations.  We have summarized all the measures we are taking for your journey with us in the link below.

More information

Update on the mask mandate on SunExpress flights:

On our domestic flights, passengers are no longer required to wear a face mask. However, passengers are welcome to wear a mask throughout their journey if they wish to do so. In this case, passengers should bring enough masks with them for the duration of their journey.

On our international flights, depending on your departure or arrival destination, you might still be required to cover your mouth and nose with a face mask from boarding until disembarking the aircraft. Therefore, we kindly ask you to check the destination country’s regulations. To check the current rules & regulations, you can use our interactive map. The latest mask requirement updates can be found in the “Additional info” section. On flights where wearing a mask is not deemed necessary by respective countries, our passengers are welcome to wear a mask throughout their journey if they wish to do so.