Your COVID-19 Tourist Protection and Support Insurance for Türkiye (Turkey)

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Flying is one of the safest ways of travel. And to make sure that this remains the case during a pandemic, we have teamed up with our insurance partner Günes Sigorta to offer you a special Tourist Protection and Support Insurance.

For a safe and worry-free holiday in Türkiye (Turkey), we recommend you to take out this special Tourist Protection and Support Insurance. In the case of any illness due to coronavirus during your holiday, your treatment costs will be fully covered.

Starting at just €15 per week you can get a full medical treatment.

You can choose from three insurance packages, depending on the length of your stay. All passengers up to the age of 65 can take out this insurance cover for a maximum of 30 days, allowing them to enjoy their holiday with greater peace of mind.

Take out health cover.

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