Excess baggage

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International Flights

  • For all additional weight, an excess baggage rate from 10.- Euro per kg for one way is charged in a flight.

Flights within Turkey

  • An excess baggage fee of 10.- TL/kg is charged for a one way flight.

Book excess baggage units in advance and get bargain prices

On SunExpress flights, you can bring 15 to 40 kilograms of luggage, depending on the flight, as well as a piece of hand luggage (55 x 40 x 23 cm) with a maximum weight of 8 kilograms.
Those who wish to use the luggage allowance included in the ticket price can transport extra luggage with our affordable excess baggage units (excluding sports and special luggage), and save 70 percent in comparison to the excess baggage rates at the check-in counter.
The following applies to all SunExpress tariffs: a maximum of 40 kilograms of luggage is permitted to be carried per person. Various packages of 5, 10, 15 and 20 kilograms per person and per flight can also be additionally booked.

Book extra Baggage

Booking excess baggage for already booked flights is only possible if the flight was booked via SunExpress‘ own reservation system (sunexpress.com, SunExpress Call Center or authorized agencies). The additional booking can be done via our My Bookings until three hours prior to departure.


Price per Baggage/flight – international flights1
Packet 1 5 kg 15 €
Packet 2 10 kg 30 €
Packet 3 15 kg 45 €
Packet 4 20 kg 60 €


Price per Baggage/flight – domestic flights
Packet 1 5 kg 25 TL
Packet 2 10 kg 50 TL
Packet 3 15 kg 75 TL
Packet 4 20 kg 100 TL

Important information:

•    Booked excess baggage bundles are non-refundable and cannot be conferred upon other persons.
•    In case the flight reschedules, excess baggage right is transferred to the new flight.
•    If your amount of baggage is higher than the free baggage allowance or rather higher than the free baggage allowance and the booked excess baggage, the baggage rates of the airport are valid (from EUR 10 per kg).
•    If your real baggage at the check-in counter weighs less than your booked baggage, the difference is neither refundable nor can it be conferred upon other people.
•    Excess baggage cannot be booked for infants under 2 years.

Excess baggage for flights from Beirut (BEY) are excluded