Enjoy entertainment in a whole new dimension on your flight with virtual reality

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Ready for innovative entertainment of the highest level? Then fasten your seatbelt: together with the technology firm “Inflight VR”, we’re introducing in-flight entertainment using virtual reality glasses in time for summer on selected flights. From the end of May, you’ll be able to enjoy exciting blockbusters, interesting documentaries and meditative relaxation clips as a completely new 360-degree experience. This will be available on numerous Antalya flights to many European destinations for a fee of eight Euro.

Immerse yourself in holiday destinations across the globe, relax with meditation exercises, watch films in your own virtual cinema or swim with whale sharks in the Pacific Ocean – the possibilities are practically boundless.

The best thing about this is that all of the content is saved on the glasses, meaning neither a network connection nor your own mobile device is needed to achieve that private cinema feeling.

Enabling our customers to book flights by using voice control on Amazon Alexa and our collaboration with the food delivery start up “Foodora” are examples on how we innovate the customer experience. The state of the art VR entertainment system is the next  chapter in our innovation story, that we’re creating together with partners in order to provide you an even better experience and more comfort on your trips with us.