In-flight entertainment

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Very soon, SunExpress will start equiping the fleet successively with an innovative wireless on-demand system called Media in Motion’. This modern in-flight entertainment allows each passenger to individually access movies, magazines, games, and much more on board. On top of that, passengers can retrieve information about their destination. In addition, services like excursions, hire cars, hotels, and events can be booked directly during the flight – all possible over a personal mobile device, such as a cellphone, tablet or laptop.

It’s simple:
1. Activate “Wi-Fi” in settings on your flight mode enabled device.
2. Tap “SunMedia” or enter” in your browser.
3. Enjoy the great content available.

Downloading the SunMedia App
To enjoy all inflight entertainment options on board – including films – Apple users simply need to download the free SunMedia App from the App Store before the aircraft doors close prior to departure. Even without the app, you can still download magazines and much more. The SunMedia App is available to Android users in-flight from the local server during the flight.

Payment can be made by credit or debit card. On top of that, it will soon be possible to buy vouchers on board from our crew for cash. Please note that you can only watch purchased films during the flight. They are not stored permanently on your device. Purchased newspapers and magazines however remain on your device even after the flight.