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Greece – holidays in the land of Zeus and Aphrodite

Greece is the perfect destination for those who like to bathe in glorious weather with abundant sunshine on beautiful beaches, but who also want to go on interesting excursions. The country boasts many cultural treasures, of which the Acropolis in Athens is certainly the most famous. But in many other places such as Delphi, visitors can discover temples that were built for the worship of the gods, ancient sports venues such as the world famous ruins of Olympia, and many other ancient remains. Finally, Greece is also famous for its culinary delights, from souvlaki to good wine, so this country is a destination that has something to offer every visitor.

Also well worth seeing are the Valley of the Butterflies with thousands of butterflies and the mountain village of Lindos with its Acropolis. Does this sound like a varied and relaxing holiday? Then book your flight to Rhodes (RHO), Chania (CHQ), Heraklion (HER) or the mainland of Greece at SunExpress!

Pleasantly warm or really hot - the best time to fly to Greece

Greece has a Mediterranean climate with rather mild winters and dry summers, which can be quite hot, especially in southern places such as Athens or Heraklion on Crete. Midsummer is therefore the ideal time for a beach holiday on the coast or on one of many islands. Greece has thousands of islands that lend themselves to a relaxing holiday. Island hopping with a flight to an island such as Mykonos and a return flight, for example, from Athens, is very popular. However, those who mainly want see the sights might consider booking a flight to Greece in spring or autumn. In Athens in May and October the temperature is between 15 and 25 °C, and the water temperature on the beaches around the capital rises to a comfortable 20 °C between June and October.

The largest cities in Greece: Athens and Thessaloniki.

A flight to Athens is particularly interesting for tourists interested in culture. As well as the Acropolis, the city boasts many other attractions, including an ancient cemetery, the Agora and the theatre under the Acropolis. Museums, including the National Museum, offer an insight into the history of the country, with numerous exhibits from ancient times. Thessaloniki is also well worth the trip. This city is located in northern Greece near the Chalkidiki peninsula, where you will find beautiful resorts such as Sarti. Thessaloniki is known for its many Byzantine churches, but its landmark is the 35m high, white tower facing the sea, which houses a museum with exhibits on the history of the city. Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) is located around 14 km from the centre but is easily accessible via the 78 bus.

Crete: holidays on Greece’s southernmost island

Crete has many attractions, including the Palace of Knossos. The largest Greek island is characterised by a rugged landscape with mountains up to 2,500m high. This mountainous world with pretty little villages can be explored on numerous hiking trails. Equally interesting is a hike through impressive gorges such as Samaria Gorge, bounded on either side by rock walls of up to 500m, leading down to the coast. Visitors to Crete have the choice between a flight to Heraklion (HER) or to Chania (CHQ). Both are served by many airlines and a non-stop flight from Germany takes about three hours. Crete is the southernmost island of Greece, so it is quite warm there in spring and autumn, making this destination ideal for a beach vacation during the low season.

Flights to Greece’s holiday islands: Corfu and Rhodes

Other major islands of Greece, such as Corfu or Rhodes, are very popular. Both have beautiful sandy beaches where tourists can enjoy the sunshine and practice many types of water sports. Some of the attractions of Corfu are the Achilleon palace, where Empress Elisabeth, better known as Sissi, spent her holidays, and the monastery island of Vlacherna. The sparsely populated Diapontia islands tempt visitors to a beautiful boat trip. In Rhodes, you can discover numerous churches and even mosques.

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