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Flights to Morocco – travel to a land of contrasts

The country of Morocco, in the north-west of Africa, attracts visitors with its great beaches, where good weather is almost guaranteed during the summer months. However, it also has many old cities with historic centres consisting of narrow streets and large squares where snake charmers inspire their audiences. This destination is also attractive for the adventurous who prefer to explore by camel off the beaten track, whether the vast expanses of the desert or the Berber villages in the mountains, making Morocco the perfect destination to fulfil almost every holiday wish. If you want to visit more than one region, you can select different cities for the outbound flight and the return flight. There are many airports in Morocco so you can plan an individualised trip.

In front of its coast lies a spit of land that protects a lagoon with tranquil waters and a safe entrance; these conditions attract even professional kitesurfers. Have you found your dream destination? Then book your flight to Morocco today at SunExpress and look forward to sunny days in Africa!

Morocco: attractive destinations all year round

A flight to Morocco is worthwhile whatever the season. From spring to autumn, the long sandy beaches on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts are ideal for swimming. Morocco has a Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine and temperatures that often exceed the 30-degree mark during the summer months. Winter is an ideal time for exploring the desert areas with their oases where caravans halted long ago, so at this time of year travellers often book flights to Marrakech. From this city, which also has many sights to offer, it is not far to the largest dry desert on earth: the Sahara. It can be explored in the modern way by jeep or quad, but also quite traditionally on the back of a camel.

Popular cities in Morocco: Marrakech

The city of Marrakech was founded in 1070 and has a charming old town with small alleyways, declared a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO. On the main square, artists, jugglers and snake charmers often gather to make their cobras dance to music. Other must-sees include the mosque and the Koran school with its artistically designed marble floor. The Agdal Gardens, in a typical Oriental style, are also near Marrakech; here, the greenery makes an impressive contrast to the nearby desert. Interested tourists can take numerous, very different tours from the city – one notable destination is Erg Chebbi with its huge sand dunes.

Oriental enchantment: Casablanca and Tangier

Casablanca is not to be missed. The airport of the city (CMN) is the most important in the country and many airlines fly here. The main attractions of the town are the large mosque and the walled medieval city centre. After all this sightseeing, take a refreshing break in the park of the Arab League. Another interesting destination in Morocco is the city of Tangier near the Strait of Gibraltar. The Kasbah, formerly a royal residence, with its palace, mosque and other historical buildings, is situated on the highest point of the Old Town. This fascinating place offers a clear view towards Europe. The airport of Tangier is located near the coast, so holidaymakers can enjoy a dip in the sea almost as soon as they arrive.

Swimming and surfing in Morocco – the best beaches

Lovers of beach holidays mostly prefer the beaches on the Mediterranean, which are well protected by the Strait of Gibraltar. Morocco’s most popular seaside resorts include Al Hoceima and Saidia, which can be reached from Nador Airport. If you want to surf on the other side, you should book a flight to Agadir (AGA), where the beach provides the best waves for surfing. For those who have enough energy after the water sports, there is the opportunity for a hike through the Valley of the Birds. For kitesurfers, the best place is Dakhla, on the edge of the West Sahara.

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