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Aalborg – walk in the footsteps of Vikings

The Danish city of Aalborg is an attractive destination for holidays and quick breaks at any time of year. Located on the Limfjord, this city isgreat for beach holidays and water sports in the summer months. Aalborg is also something for nature enthusiast, with the region remaining popular for hikers, mountain bikers and fans of high-octane outdoor spots. Last but not least, Aalborg is becoming increasingly well known for its cuisine, with some of the finest restaurants and exclusive eateries in the country. The city has many sights to explore, with plenty of cultural attractions to keep visitors entertained for the duration of their stay. With so much on offer, this city is a popular destination all year round.

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Explore the world of the Viking at Lindholm Hoje

Aalborg is a historic port town founded by Vikings and it’s easy to see this centuries-old heritage at every turn. If you want to learn more about this ancient culture, a visit to the Lindholm Hoje archaeological site is well worth your time. Here, archaeologists have discovered an ancient settlement and Viking burial ground. You can explore this history at the Lindholm Hoje Museum, with an extensive exhibition giving you plenty of insights into this fascinating culture. Visitors who enjoy their beer can also indulge with a Viking recipe, made in the traditional way. There’s also a museum café offering up a host of Danish favourites with a first-rate view of the fjord itself.

Enjoy attractions for all ages in Aalborg

Aalborg is particularly well suited to family groups because the city offers an incredible range of attractions for all ages. Leos Spielland is a particularly popular spot, offering outdoor pursuits that won’t prove too taxing for little ones. There’s also lots of fun to be had at the water park of Swommeland in Norresundby, well known for its meandering slide and fun-filled attractions. This swimming park also offers a spa area with saunas, perfect for the grown-ups to indulge while the kids play. Another must-visit attraction for families is the city zoo, with its own African village and polar bear exhibit.

Enjoy beautiful beaches and bathing

On the coast of Aalborg, there are several beaches that need to be seen to be believed. For families with young children, the coastal stretches at Hals and Hou are particularly popular. There’s no intrusion from traffic and crowds, while the surf is gentler, making it ideal for youngsters and those who aren’t particularly strong swimmers. Those after a real sense of relaxation are advised to visit one of the many bathing islands off the coast. Only 30 metres from the coast itself, these islands can be reached by foot at low tide. These islands are natural formations and are constantly changing in the tide.

A spectacular holiday spot for sports fans

If you want to explore the fjords by water, it’s possible to rent a motorboat from the port of Aalborg and head out to enjoy the surf or fish. Touring the area by kayak is another popular pursuit. You can also make a night of it and pitch a tent if you’re looking to head back to nature and enjoy the great outdoors for a night or two. Explore the natural scenery of North Jutland by foot or bike, or rent a BMX to push yourself to the limit and explore the more demanding stretches of this recreational area.

Aalborg Airport – reliable flights in a convenient location

Aalborg Airport (AAL) is located only 7 kilometres from the city itself, with excellent transport connections via train and bus. Airlines usually arrive here after a stopover in Copenhagen. If you’re keen to explore as much of Denmark as possible, you can arrange a longer stopover in the capital, letting you venture out and take in the sights of this cosmopolitan centre. Why not enjoy a week in the rural retreats that Aalborg offers, before looking forward to a dynamic few days in Copenhagen on your way back home?

Aalborg – an attractive holiday destination at any time of year

The best time for a beach holiday in Aalborg is during the summer months of July and August. During the height of summer, temperatures hover around the 20 degrees Celsius mark. Because of the milder summer temperatures, the region is ideal for sports fans and those looking for a holiday rich in outdoor pursuits. Temperatures are mild throughout the year, with the mercury rarely dropping below freeing point, even in winter.

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