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Alanya – an enchanting holiday destination on the Turkish Riviera

Alanya is a large city in the south of Turkey, about 140km from the metropolis of Antalya. It lies right on the Mediterranean coast and has everything you would expect to find in an appealing holiday destination: fantastic beaches, an attractive landscape, many historical sights, a warm climate and plenty of activities to try. Alanya’s infrastructure is also in great shape, a feature that is not only reflected in its range of hotels and holiday apartments, but also in the quality of its transport connections. The Alanya-Gazipaşa (GZP) airport has several connections to Germany and to a number of Turkish cities. These flights are used by the region’s holidaymakers and business travellers, as well as Turkish-speaking citizens taking holiday trips to visit their family in other parts of the country.

Other transport choices include a separate airport transport service as well as several car rental options, and both business travellers and long-haul passengers will appreciate the airport’s range of restaurants and shops. So why not take advantage of the excellent transport and services afforded by the airport, and book your SunExpress flight to Gazipaşa to spend a wonderful holiday on the Turkish Riviera!

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Alanya’s dream beaches and delightful surroundings

The top reason for booking a flight to Alanya is undoubtedly its beautiful beaches. Thanks to its coastal setting, the city enjoys the advantage of two sandy beaches, which are divided by an imposing rocky peninsula. Cleopatra beach lies below and to the west of the town, and is renowned for its very fine sand. According to legend, this beach is said to have been given as a gift by the Roman commander, Mark Antony, to his Egyptian queen, who used a tunnel to travel down to the sea from her castle. The nearby coast also has miles of sandy beaches interspersed with hills and rocky outcrops. Alanya’s climate is excellent for a classic beach holiday: in July and August, the average peak temperature is 33 °C, with water temperatures ranging from around 25 to 27 °C. Such a pleasantly warm climate makes the region a good choice for a beach-bathing holiday in spring or autumn.

Alanya’s varied outdoor activities

In addition to its beach attractions, Alanya also offers plenty of activities away from the coast, so there is little chance of ever becoming bored. The spectacular Dim dripstone cave, quite close to the town, is a fine example of the local sights, and there are many exciting boat trips available to explore Alanya’s picturesque coastline from the waters of the bay. Alanya rests at the foot of the Taurus Mountains and taking a guided Jeep safari is a wonderful way to discover this impressive hinterland. Many holidaymakers take a day trip out to experience this wild mountain world at close quarters, either on horseback or in a hiking party. Meanwhile, those holidaymakers who yearn for something more adventurous can try their hand at paragliding. And back at the coast itself, there are numerous opportunities for a range of water sports – so those who like to dive, snorkel or surf the waves will find plenty to capture their interest.

Interesting historical sites

Tourists who enjoy visiting historical sights while on their travels will find that Alanya is a prime site for such pursuits. One particularly interesting location is Alanya’s castle (Alanya Kalesi) which occupies a steep hill on the rocky peninsula just beyond the town. This citadel’s unique position offers visitors panoramic views across the town, the sea and the surrounding coast. The first fortress to claim this site was built by the Greeks more than 2,500 years ago, and since then the Romans, Byzantines and Seljuks have all contributed to its expansion, leaving an ancient ruin just ripe for exploration. Other Seljuk relics that are well worth seeing include the historic shipyard and the octagonal Red Tower (Kizi Kule), built to protect the shipyard and harbour areas.

Alanya-Gazipaşa (GZP) airport

Alanya-Gazipaşa airport (GZP) is the ideal way to reach Alanya. It is located about 40km from the town – just outside Gazipaşa – and offers flights to several Turkish destinations. Some airlines also have scheduled flights to Germany, so both tourists and business travellers can arrange flights direct to Gazipaşa or Alanya. On landing, it is easy to reach Alanya via a shuttle bus from the airport to the town centre, and other important tourist destinations in the surrounding area.

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