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Flights to Ankara: a capital with many facets

As the capital of Türkiye (Turkey), Ankara is of great importance in many respects; it is both a centre of international trade and a cultural hub, and the roughly five million inhabitants are renowned for their hospitality and worldliness. For those who travel by plane to Ankara, the best way to get to know this lively and contemporary culture is to take a stroll through the Sakarya Caddesi, an inner city street with a high density of restaurants and pubs.

If you are going to be met at the airport, you will come to the exit area after you arrive at the terminal and this is the ideal place to meet your family or friends and travel onwards together.

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Ankara-Esenboğa international airport

Ankara airport (ESB) was first used for national and international passenger flights in 1955 and was chartered by several airways. It is located not in the urban area of Ankara but in the suburb of Esenboğa, 28km away. The journey time to Ankara’s centre is from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the means of transport. Every year, around 11 million passengers travel to Ankara Airport (ESB) with various airlines from Germany and other parts of the world.

Attractions in the Turkish capital

Ankara is a comparatively young city and therefore has few historical buildings to speak of, however, the modern districts with their skyscrapers, elegant hotels and restaurants are impressive. One of the city’s most famous buildings is the castle of Ankara, and the mosques of Kocatepe and Hacıbayram are also worth a visit. Another must-see is Anıtkabir, the mausoleum of the famous former head of state, Ataturk; there is also a museum dedicated to his work and life. Among the numerous museums in the Turkish capital, the state art and sculpture museum with its extensive exhibition is well worth a visit. For children, the toy museum or the ice rink are great alternatives: at the ice rink, there are special weekend ice skating courses for children.

The city’s special magic

Flights to Ankara bring tourists to a colourful, noisy and sometimes hectic world, so places for rest and recreation are just what is needed after a busy day of business meetings, and also when spending time with the family. One such tranquil place is the Gençlik Parkı; an extensive green area stretches around a lake – you can even view it from a different perspective from a pedalo. In the botanical garden of Botany Bahçesi, visitors can discover the native flora and can admire exotic plants in the elaborately designed beds. The temperatures in the Turkish capital are quite pleasant: travellers can look forward to a dry, continental climate with an annual average temperature of 12.1 °C. The warmest months are from June to September, when temperatures climb to over 30 °C.

Flights to Ankara for visiting family

From Germany, SunExpress offers flights to Ankara from several cities; economy class, cheap travel is possible from Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hanover and other airports. While at the airport, travellers can take advantage of the opportunity to buy gifts for the family in various shops, selling classic gift items as well as luxury products and a wide selection of souvenirs.

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