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Flights to Basel (BSL) and the Dreiländereck

Every day, Basel welcomes visitors from all over Switzerland, Europe and the rest of the world. With 175,000 inhabitants, Basel is one of the largest cities in Switzerland and this mini metropolis has plenty to offer tourists. Get set for Gothic architecture, open green spaces and the highest density of museums in Switzerland. This city on the Rhine is also an important centre for business, research and education. This city is right on the Swiss border with Germany and France, and the influences of these neighbouring cultures can be heavily felt within Basel itself. If you’re worried about the weather, expect a moderate climate, with warm summers and cold winters. However, don’t be put off from visiting in the winter months. The city and its historic architecture look beautiful, dusted with December snow.

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EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg (BSL) is located north-west of the city and includes two terminals and four halls, serving around seven million passengers a year. Basel has been welcoming flights from some of the biggest airlines for decades, with the first flights arriving in May 1946. Since then, the airport has become one of the most important in all of Europe. The airport serves the surrounding cities of Freiburg in Germany, Colmar and Muhlhausen in France, along with Basel and Aarau in Switzerland. The airport itself is built across two countries, France and Switzerland, making it truly one of a kind.

Top tips for sightseeing tours

If you need to be in Basel on business, it makes sense to stay and enjoy the sights of the city. Whether you’re looking for something to do in the evenings once work is done, or want to stay and celebrate after you’ve clinched a deal, there’s plenty to discover in this historic little corner of Switzerland. The Old Town is the perfect place to kick off an evening, with plenty of local bars and homegrown delights to discover. Other must-see attractions include the White and Blue Horse, the Binningen Castle and the Wildt House. There’s no shortage of coffee shops and cafes for when you’re on the hunt for a spot to break out the laptop and keep up with emails.

Experience some local culture

Basel boasts more than 40 individual museums, with year-round exhibitions. Many of the museums within the city, including the Kunstmuseum Basel, the Basel Museum of Ancient Art and Ludwig Collection, and the Museum of Contemporary Art and Media Art, have a keen focus on collections of fine arts. After you’ve spent some time exploring the galleries, get set for a night on the tiles with an electric atmosphere throughout the streets of Old Town and the bustling districts along the riverside. If you’re in town during the right part of the year, you’ll want to check out the Basel Carnival. Offering plenty of insight into Swiss culture and traditional, this carnival is one of the largest in Switzerland and brings in visitors from all over the country and throughout Europe, every year.

Enjoying Basel Airport

If you’re passing through Basel on business, you’ll be glad to know the airport is fully appointed with the essentials you’ll need to stay on top of your work schedule. Both terminals offer comfortable conditions for passengers, with round-the-clock WLAN internet offered free for up to two hours. After this period, new registration is available free of charge. It’s also possible to keep on top of emails and to-do lists in the rest areas before departure, but after check-in. Developed with the international traveller in mind, the airport offers a great selection of coffee shops, food counters and restaurants. There are also numerous self-service vending machines and service offices for those looking to exchange currency after landing.

A city designed with convenience in mind

The infrastructure of Basel leaves nothing to be desired. The airport itself is well connected to the rest of the region by taxi, public transport and rail. Saint-Louis Railway Station is located just one kilometre away from the airport and connects Basel to numerous nearby cities. A reliable bus service runs regularly between the airport and train station, ensuring quick transfers for time-strapped visitors. If you’re incredibly tight for time, but need to see to a business meeting, the airport also offers conference rooms for hire.

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