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Bodrum: a captivating city on the Turkish Aegean coast

Bodrum is a coastal town in the extreme south-west of Türkiye (Turkey); a region with a population of around 150,000 people. Although this is an area of great historical interest, where there are countless traces of antiquity, Bodrum’s beautiful beaches, numerous sights and appealing location set among picturesque hills makes it increasingly popular as a holiday destination. Bodrum is fortunate to have a good transport infrastructure, and its airport connects the town with numerous other destinations in Türkiye (Turkey), Germany and all over Europe. It’s not only tourists who choose to fly to Bodrum, but also many business travellers, as well as Turkish citizens returning to visit their homeland. Booking a round trip with SunExpress is a very good way to get to know this fascinating destination.

Business travellers will appreciate the availability of a car rental option, and restaurants, shopping facilities and wireless Internet access within the airport terminal are a further benefit. So book your low-cost flights to Bodrum with SunExpress!

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Discover Bodrum’s stunning beaches

Bodrum and its harbour are situated on a rocky peninsula right beside the beautiful Aegean coastline. There are some bathing beaches quite close to Bodrum itself – for example, the sandy beach at Karaincir Köyü, which is about 600 metres long. Across the Bodrum Peninsula, there are countless similar locations waiting to be discovered, all of which are only a short car journey away. The coastal villages of Akyarlar and Bitez are very popular and each offers a winning combination of a fine sandy beach and a cosy village atmosphere. However, there are also some quiet bays with more secluded beaches where you will find very few holidaymakers. Part of what makes a holiday in Bodrum such a special experience is its pleasantly warm climate. The annual average temperature here is 18.9 °C, with the hottest weather in July when the average peak temperature is 34 °C. This makes the Bodrum region not only a great destination for a beach holiday in summer, it’s also a pleasant option in spring and autumn.

Wonders of the ancient world and other attractions

Bodrum has an extremely rich cultural heritage, with many sites well worth a visit. A Greek city called Halicarnassus was founded here, probably in the 12th century BC. In addition, visitors can view the original foundations of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, completed in 353 BC and renowned as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Other relics that can be seen around Bodrum include an imposing Roman theatre and the remains of the ancient city fortifications. However, many more town landmarks, such as the magnificent Castle of St. Peter – built by the crusaders in the 15th century – date from a much later era.

Active holidays in Bodrum

A holiday in Bodrum can offer many other opportunities beyond relaxing on the beach or discovering interesting historical sights, so those who like to spend their time on more active pursuits are guaranteed to get their money’s worth. Thanks to its superb coastal location, the Bodrum peninsula is an excellent site for all kinds of water sports. Diving enthusiasts will find very suitable conditions here, as will surfers and sailors, and the peninsula’s hilly landscape offers an inspiring challenge to those who enjoy hiking. Another advantage is that due to the very mild climate, all these activities can continue throughout the winter months. Taking boat trips to explore the region’s numerous islands is yet another appealing outdoor activity – the Greek island of Kos, for example, lies directly opposite Bodrum. Several aqua parks offer a whole range of fun aquatic activities for all ages.

Use Bodrum airport (BJV) for an easy journey to your resort

A flight to Bodrum (BJV) is a great way to access this delightful holiday region. The airport is about 30km from the town – between Bodrum and Milas. Serving some 2.4 million passengers annually, it is one of the largest airports in the country and has several airlines providing connections to major Turkish cities or flying other routes to Europe. SunExpress, for instance, operate direct flights from Germany – for example, via Frankfurt, Stuttgart or Düsseldorf. On arrival, it’s easy to get to the town centre, using a private shuttle bus service as a direct link between the airport and the bus terminal in Bodrum.

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