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Bremen – a maritime atmosphere and world cultural heritage on the Weser

Bremen is a Hanseatic city in the far north of Germany, with a vibrant maritime atmosphere. Standing on the banks of the river Weser, with good access to the North Sea, this city values its important waterways, and Bremen’s city centre lies just a few minutes’ walk from the Weser promenade. This is where visitors will find the historic Böttcherstrasse, a street very popular with tourists. Bremeners have long regarded their market square as the city’s ‘parlour’, and the Rathaus (town hall) which stands there was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 2004. Other sights include the statue depicting the Town Musicians of Bremen, the Bremer Dom (Bremen Cathedral), and the medieval Schnoor quarter. There are numerous restaurants and pubs on the ‘Schlachte’ riverside boulevard, and a Kajenmarkt (Quayside Market) sited on the banks of the Weser from May to September provides a colourful blend of music, food and antique stalls. As part of Bremen’s ‘Überseestadt’ – an extensive long-term urban development programme – the old docklands have been transformed into attractive venues for fresh commercial, leisure and residential initiatives. So if you are travelling to Bremen, this is an area not to miss. Bremen Airport (BRE) is particularly convenient for visits to the city or its surrounding region, and SunExpress also offers cheap flights to the neighbouring airports of Hamburg (HAM) and Hanover (HAJ).

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Bremen airport (BRE) – an air terminal in the far north

Bremen airport (BRE) is not only a great choice for city visits, it’s also convenient for tourists who want to explore the surrounding region. The airport connects to the public transport network via a tram stop at the air terminal, and the journey to the city centre takes less than 12 minutes. Bremen’s main station is just 16 minutes away, and thanks to its ultra-convenient transport links, Bremen Airport is ideal for passengers wishing to travel on to the North Sea, or the Weser-Ems- and Elbe-Weser regions. As a result, the area’s major cities, such as Wilhelmshaven, Oldenburg, Cuxhaven and Bremerhaven can be reached just as easily as larger cities, such as Hamburg and Hanover. SunExpress is a subsidiary of Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, and offers low-cost flights to and from Bremen – thus providing regular and reliable links between the ‘city on the Weser’ and popular Turkish holiday destinations, such as Antalya (AYT) and Izmir (ADB). Of course, these connections also benefit passengers who regularly visit family and friends for holidays and celebrations in their home country.

Bremen airport – an ideal destination for business travellers

Bremen airport (BRE) is perfect for business travellers conducting business in the city or anywhere else in the north-west of Germany. Likewise, Bremen is a convenient departure point for business people flying out of the region. With its excellent public transport links, the airport can be accessed from all directions via train or tram, or if you prefer to travel by car, you can source a suitable rental car from numerous on-site rental companies. Bremen airport passengers and visitors will have wireless Internet access (free for 30 minutes per day) for checking emails, sending messages or Internet browsing during arrival and/or departure waiting periods. Business travellers are sure to find the ideal inbound or outbound Bremen flight arrangements with SunExpress.

Travellers can visit the Hanseatic city of Bremen and its surrounding area at any time of year, though as with the rest of Germany, the region has warm summer months and colder weather in winter. The climate is usually temperate in spring and autumn, with some warmer and colder days, and generally moderate rainfall throughout the year – which often falls as snow from December to February. If you prefer to travel during the warm season, the best time to visit Bremen is between June and August. That’s the time when moderately high temperatures of 20-23 °C encourage visitors to stroll along the Weser promenade. During the colder months from November to March, the thermometer seldom rises above 9 °C, and you should expect frost and freezing temperatures any time from December through to March. Even so, the climate is generally moderate without extreme winter cold, and a winter walk in the city centre or through the Schnoor – a medieval quarter in the old town – can be very pleasant indeed.

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