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Dalaman Airport—a small gateway to the east

The small town of Dalaman is located near beautiful beaches on the south-western coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The picturesque landscape of the province of the same name invites you to spend a relaxing holiday, free from the worries of everyday life, at your leisure. The town in the Turkish province has been a popular tourist destination since 2015. The summer months are hot and the winter days are mild, due to the relatively warm Mediterranean climate. Temperatures in July and August are 22 to 32 °C, while in January, those temperatures drop to 7 to 15 °C. The water temperature in the summer months is often above 20 °C – all the more reason to spend a beach holiday in this beautiful area. In Dalaman, everyone, whether young or old, is on the search for peace and relaxation, adventure or nature.

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Country: Türkiye (Turkey)
Language: Turkish
Currency: Lira

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Recreation, fun and adventure for all ages

The hotels of the city offer a wide range of spas and wellness centres, and anyone looking for a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the city can relax here. Not just for private tourists, business travellers can also benefit from these comforts and take the time to hide away and recharge for a clear mind and relaxed body. Also not just limited to the hotels, even the surrounding area offers sparkling springs and spas. The low-rainfall summer months invite you to a cosy, sunny day at one of the local beaches, for example, Sarigerme, the kilometre-long sandy beach near the village of Osmaniye in the Ortaca district. In addition to water sports for those seeking a bit of fun and excitement, there are other attractive offers for those who simply do not want pure relaxation at the wellness spa. In this case, the Taurus Mountains, which characterize the landscape of the Middle East, offer hiking trails and even climbing opportunities. Various restaurants and cafés also invite you to enjoy a good meal or a warm cup of tea, and to experience the gracious hospitality of the Turkish people. In the evenings, many visitors will congregate and relax at one of the city’s many bars.

Tourist spots around Dalaman

If you leave the small town of Dalaman, you will reach Kaunos near Dalyan. Kaunos is a ruined city where the history of antiquity is still visible today. The ruins of the temple, the theatre, the harbour, the Roman baths and the former trading centre all come highly recommended and are definitely worth seeing. From the highest points of the ruins, the view is indeed beautiful.

Around Dalyan, there are many other ancient sights, such as the Karian rock tombs. The entire southern coast of Türkiye (Turkey) is characterized by these ancient remnants, which gives the surrounding area an irresistible charm. In Dalyan itself, there are many shopping opportunities, ranging from small shops and specialty shops to souvenir shops. Fethiye, also close to Dalaman, captivates with its beautiful historic old town and the famous White Mosque. Due to the good national flight connections, a day trip to the Wildlife Park in Izmir or the leisure park in Ankara is always worthwhile.

Dalaman airport (DLM)

The nearest airport is 20km from the city and offers shuttle buses for arrivals and departures. A taxi or car hire service is also available on the four-lane expressway to Dalaman. Parking is provided in front of the terminal. The Dalaman airport, Türkiye’s (Turkey’s) sixth-largest airport, measured by the number of passengers travelling through annually, offers domestic flights at the old terminal and international airways at the new terminal. Within Türkiye (Turkey), there are direct connections from Antalya to Izmir, Istanbul or Ankara. In order to while away the waiting times and provide a little entertainment for children, games are available, with toys for the very small ones or video games for the somewhat older ones. Cafés, restaurants and shops are also available and offer meals both large and small. There is even a prayer room at the airport. If you want to surf the internet with your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you can connect to and use the airport’s complimentary Wi-Fi service.

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