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Erfurt – the capital of Thuringia

The capital of Thuringia, Erfurt features an idyllic city centre with a variety of historic buildings, narrow alleys and distinctive cobblestone streets. The Erfurt-Weimar Airport (ERF) makes the city easy to visit from many other towns in Germany, with SunExpress flying visitors travelling from Erfurt to Antalya and vice versa. From the airport, it is only about 6km to the city centre. The entire city of Erfurt is within the wide valley of the Gera River and offers beautiful scenery for a pleasant city walk. In addition to the approximately 210,000 inhabitants, some 450,000 overnight guests stay in the historic city each year.

As a change of pace from business meetings, the Visitor’s Terrace in the airport offers passengers a view of the planes from different airlines, including SunExpress, taking off and landing. Book your flight to Erfurt with us and you’ll be on time and relaxed in Thuringia’s capital with SunExpress!

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The Erfurt-Weimar Airport (ERF)

The Erfurt-Weimar Airport is located in the village of Bindersleben. It is connected to the network of motorways and is only 30km from the cultural city of Weimar. The airport’s passenger traffic is managed via two terminals. Some 230,000 passengers pass through the airport every year and travel from here to many other destinations. One of the most famous passengers to travel through Erfurt-Weimar Airport was Pope Benedict XVI in 2011, after his stay in Germany. Areas surrounding Erfurt airport include cities such as Gotha, Eisenach, Naumburg on the Saale, and Jena

Sightseeing – explore the city after work

After meetings in Erfurt, visitors on business will find it worthwhile to spend their free time taking a stroll through the picturesque old town. In the city centre, they will find the magnificent Erfurt Cathedral. Also directly on the cathedral square is St. Severus’s Church. Together, these two sacred buildings make up part of Erfurt’s most recognisable landmarks: one of the largest preserved fortresses in Europe. The second landmark is Krämerbrücke, the Merchants‘ Bridge. This is the oldest and largest bridge in Northern Europe and is fully developed and inhabited. A visit to the Petersburg Citadel is also just a short walk away and located on the mountain of the same name. The sight of the building and the view over its surroundings are worth the trip to the top. Erfurt also has many cultural attractions to offer as a state capital, including legendary performances at Erfurt Theatre. In addition to classics, modern and contemporary works are also shown here. The Angermuseum, where art history exhibitions are shown, is culturally important to the area, as are the Natural History Museum and the Museum of Thuringian Folklore. In among the city’s jam-packed events calendar are two important dates. Each year, the Merchants’ Bridge Festival, Krämerbrückenfest, is organised in the old town on the third weekend of June, and the Erfurt Christmas Market takes place in December and attracts two million visitors every year from all parts of Germany.

Flying to Erfurt on business

After arriving in Erfurt, travellers can expect a comprehensive and convenient transit system. If you want to rent a car to access surrounding cities, finding a good rental company is easy. Here, rented vehicles can be picked up and parked before your return flight. Taxis will also drive passengers between the airport and their hotels, conference venues and other locations within the city. By taking public transit, it’s also possible to travel to Erfurt after your arrival flight. Travellers can also use Bindersleben airport and reach Erfurt’s central station in 20 minutes by train. From here, it’s possible to continue on regional trains and even long-distance trains outside of the city.

Travelling to Erfurt for your business trip

SunExpress can fly business travellers from Erfurt to Antalya; the centre of trade and business in Turkey. While waiting for their flight, passengers at Erfurt Airport (ERF) can kill time in a number of ways. Guests can surf the internet free of charge for 30 minutes, though longer periods can be booked if needed. If you get hungry, the airport offers a variety of restaurants for quick snacks and meals. For small purchases, there is a shop on the upper floor of the terminal and a duty-free shop for guests is available after check-in.

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