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Erzurum: Holidays in the heart of Eastern Anatolia

Located in eastern Türkiye (Turkey), Erzurum is a culturally diverse city and the largest in the province of East Anatolia. Many students living here attend Ataturk University.

The climate is continental, with average temperatures of 26 to 27 °C in July and August. The winters show an average of minus 4 °C, but the temperature can fall to below minus 35 °C: the cold winters are favourable for the nearby ski slopes.

The best time to travel depends on personal preferences: fans of winter sports should travel in the cold season in order to take full advantage of everything the region offers. If you would like to spend a relaxing holiday in warmer weather with family or friends, you should visit in the spring or summer months. SunExpress offers flights from Germany to Erzurum between spring and autumn.

The shuttle bus connects the city to the airport, which is served by numerous airlines. Direct flights between Erzurum and Ankara, Izmir or Istanbul are just some of the routes on offer. Book a cheap flight to Erzurum with SunExpress.

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Local time 15:27
Country: Türkiye (Turkey)
Language: Turkish
Currency: Lira

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(Family) holidays in Erzurum

For sports lovers, a trip to Erzurum is particularly worthwhile in winter. The ski resort of Palandöken is just 10km from the city: here, the whole family can spend an action-packed holiday on the longest and most famous ski slopes in Türkiye (Turkey). International competitions have been held at the ski jumping centre of Kiremitliktepe since its construction in 2010. The city’s castle is fascinating for all ages as it offers a wonderful view: after climbing the bell tower, you can view the entire Old Town quarter from the Ottoman city walls that date from 1535. Thanks to good flight connections to Istanbul, a visit to Vialand theme park with its numerous attractions is a possibility. A shopping tour through the park rounds off the attractions on offer.

Tours through the city

Romantics will love the tranquil little town centre, as they stroll through the narrow, winding alleyways. As you stroll through Erzurum, you will pass shops selling exquisite black amber jewellery and beautiful carpets. There are three well-known vaulted tombs in the city centre that are certainly worth a visit: tourists are provided with information about the history of the site in English. If you want to go out in the evening, try one of the numerous downtown bars to experience the lively nightlife of this university city. Fans of cinema and theatre will also get their money’s worth here.

Culture in eastern Anatolia's largest city

Erzurum offers a wide range of services for those interested in culture and culture. The Çifte Minareli Medresesi used to be a religious educational institution and can now be visited as a museum. The building is built in Persian style, with two minarets beside the large entrance that impress with their height: they are roughly twice as high as the building itself. The decorations on the façade feature beautiful reliefs from bygone days. The Yakutiye Medresesi is a former religious school with a covered courtyard. While it is not as richly decorated as the Çifte Minareli Medresesi, it boasts a beautiful, elaborate motif on its façade. Today, the Yakutiye Medresesi is a museum of Turkish-Islamic art and ethnography. Ulu Camii, the Great Mosque, is another magnificent building, with the vaulted arches in the prayer hall that are supported by massive pillars.

Erzurum City Airport (ERZ) - tips for business travellers

The airport is used by both civilian and military aircraft; it is just 11km from the city and can be reached by taxi, shuttle bus or car hire. There are 200 parking spaces directly in front of the terminal, and travellers can rent a car in the terminal.

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