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Gaziantep – a cultural hub in south-east Anatolia

Gaziantep (GZT) is an attractive destination for business people, tourists and Turkish nations alike. The city is an economic and cultural centre in the south of Türkiye (Turkey) and you’ll find many airlines, including SunExpress, providing flights from all over the world. In Gaziantep, modern life and traditional Turkish culture combine for a one-of-a-kind destination you’ll instantly fall in love with. Expect all the trappings of contemporary life, alongside traditional buildings and historic architecture, with a variety of cultural influences inspired by a varied culture made up of Turks, Kurds and Arabs. A particular point of interest is the citadel, dating all the way back to the time of the Seljuks. Wherever you are in the city centre, this imposing and awe-inspiring building can be marvelled at.

From the airport, you can take a bus shuttle into the centre of town, hail a cab from outside the terminal, or arrange for a hire car and handle all your own travelling as soon as you land – perfect if you have plenty of ground to cover or have a tight schedule while you’re in town. Whatever your reason for visiting Gaziantep, make great savings when you book flights online with SunExpress.

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Local time 22:43
Country: Türkiye (Turkey)
Language: Turkish
Currency: Lira

Weather forecast

The weather in Gaziantep

Although it is not directly on the Mediterranean, the climate of this city is typical of settlements you would find on the Mediterranean coast. Winters are relatively mild, with lows of minus 10 degrees Celsius in January. However, in the summer, the mercury rises to average highs of more than 35 degrees Celsius in July and August. With an average of just ten rainy days a year and a dry climate, even in winter, Gaziantep offers a climate that serves the holidaymaker very well indeed.

Historical sights in Gaziantep

Those looking to savour some culture during their visit will be particularly interested in the Zeugma Mosaic Museum, offering the largest collection of Roman mosaics in the world, with more than 30,000 square metres on offer. The most famous exhibit of this renowned exhibition is the Gypsy Girl, theorised to be a representation of one of the mythical companions of the Greek god Dionysus. This museum also houses items from the cities of Nymphaios, Yesemek, Zincirli and Arsameia. A visit to the Great Synagogue of Gaziantep, fully restored in 2012, is also recommended.

World-renowned cuisine

The cuisine of this city has been recognised by UNESCO and makes a fabulous impression with visitors. Typical dishes of the region include: – Içlı-Köfte – Patlıcan-Kebab – Lahmacun Gaziantep is also famous for its pistachios, an important ingredient in many sweets and confectionery items, including the famous Gazianstep Baklavasi. These are puff pastry layers, filled with ground pistachios. After baking, they are cut into small, diamond-shaped pieces and served alongside tea and coffee. Numerous pastry shops offer this renowned speciality, which tastes best when served fresh from the oven.

Gaziantep – the perfect destination for family getaways

Gaziantep is not just a great destination for solitary travellers and couples; it also makes a great place for families to visit. A particular highlight for family groups is Gaziantep Zoo, where visitors can experience exotic animal species, including camels, giraffes and ostriches. For older children, a trip to the Bakircilar Carsisi Bazaar is essential. Located in the heart of the city, this bazaar is a bustling centre of trade, offering all kinds of trinkets, national delicacies and garments, exclusive to the region. Turkish travellers looking to get back home and visit family will also find plenty to explore in town, with local restaurants and eateries making the perfect venue for an intimate dinner with family and friends, for when you’re looking to reconnect. One such restaurant is the Kebapci Mustafa Usta, often celebrated for some of the finest meat dishes in the city.

Gaziantep – a centre of industry and trade in Anatolia

Although Istanbul is indisputably the economic centre of Türkiye (Turkey), Gaziantep is one of the fastest growing hubs of trade and industry in the country. Numerous commercial and industrial companies can be found in the city, attracting thousands of business travellers to this region of Türkiye (Turkey), every year. If you’re visiting the city on business, a stopover in Istanbul can be easily arranged, whether you’re looking to make your stop on the outbound flight or the return journey. Gaziantep Airport (GZT) is conveniently located only 20 kilometres from the centre of the city.

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