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Experience Turkish history, culture and cuisine in Hatay

Hatay is a province in the south of Turkey. The region is criss-crossed with rivers and mountains and borders the Mediterranean Sea in the west. Antakya is the capital of the province and looks back on an exciting history. In Roman antiquity, Antakya was the third largest city in the world and was considered an important trading post between east and west. In addition to the historical sights in Antakya, you will find beautiful landscapes and great beaches as well as traditional delicacies and warm hospitality in Hatay.

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What makes Hatay so special?

Hatay will inspire you with its diversity. You can enjoy a unique landscape on long hikes through the mountains and discover the rivers and waterfalls, or you can visit the ancient city of Defne and learn about the culture and history of the region on a trip to the Hatay Archeological Museum. In Antakya, stroll through the narrow streets of the old town and visit the local markets and shops. It is worth experiencing the local products and specialities such as the “Antakya Künefe” or the “Lahmacun” in the authentic atmosphere of the city. Experience the warm hospitality of the locals and be enchanted by the scents of the local spices. Hatay is also famous for the traditional art of silk weaving, which you can admire in local workshops and shops.

Hatay’s pleasant Mediterranean climate makes for hot, dry summers and mild, humid winters. The best time to visit Hatay is in spring, when nature is in full bloom and the weather is pleasantly mild, or in autumn, when the golden light makes the landscape shine. The summer months can be very hot.

Arrival in Hatay at HTY Airport

Hatay Airport, also known as Antakya-Hatay Airport, is located 25 kilometres northeast of Antakya and has the international IATA code HTY. Hatay Airport was opened in 2007 and has two terminals. International flights take place at Terminal I and domestic flights at Terminal D.

FAQs: Flights to Hatay (HTY) and arrival at the airport

How do I get from HTY airport to Antakya?

Antakya-Hatay Airport (HTY) is about 25 minutes by car from Antakya city centre. You can take a taxi or book a shuttle service. Arrange a fixed fare in advance. Car rental services are also available. A public bus runs between Hatay Airport and Antakya with a journey time of approximately one hour.

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