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Istanbul: flights to a city on two continents

The urban area of the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul extends on both sides of the Bosphorus and is therefore divided between two continents. The metropolis, with some 14.5 million inhabitants, is regarded as the country’s most modern and important city for culture, fashion, economy and tourism. Thanks to its many attractions, about 11 million people travel to the city every year, whether for a holiday, a business trip or a visit to their family. Istanbul has a well-preserved old town with different influences, a rich culture and liberal-minded inhabitants. SunExpress flies holidaymakers, families, businessmen and people returning to their homeland to Istanbul – a city that never sleeps.Book a cheap flight to Istanbul (SAW) and experience the exciting metropolis on the Bosphorus with SunExpress!

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Istanbul-Sabiha Gökçen airport (SAW)

Of the two international airports in the city, Istanbul-Sabiha Gökçen is the smaller, consisting of two passenger terminals and another that is used exclusively for freight traffic. Approximately 28 million passengers travel with airlines every year via Istanbul-Sabiha Gökçen airport (SAW). Various airlines transfer business travellers from here to other airports in the country. At 40km from the Bosphorus, the airport is outside the city. However, it has excellent connections to the transport network, which is why it is possible to travel to the centre in under an hour.

Istanbul: places to visit and things to do

After a flight to Istanbul, a wide range of attractions awaits, ranging from significant buildings and sacred sites to relaxing green areas and cultural facilities. The Hagia Sophia is undisputedly one of the top sights; this once-Christian church later became a mosque and eventually, a museum. The Blue Mosque is another holy place in the city centre; it can be visited outside the prayer times. On summer evenings, the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia are illuminated; an unforgettable spectacle. The former Sultan’s palace of Topkapi Sarayi is where the rulers lived; it now houses art treasures and an extensive exhibition.

Things to do for all the family

Not far from the Galata Bridge, you can take a trip on an excursion boat offering a tour of the Bosphorus, where visitors can view the city and its imposing skyline from the perspective of the water. Away from the city centre is a recreation area, which is popular with locals. The Eyüp district is dominated by the Belgrade Forest, with many hiking trails, green areas for picnics, and horseback riding. In Eyüp there is also a dolphinarium; a visit here is especially appealing to children. To relax after the flight, you should visit a traditional hammam; these Turkish steam baths usually segregate women and men and offer relaxation in the otherwise lively and often hectic city of Istanbul. Hammams can be found wherever you are in the metropolis.

Last minute gifts for relatives and friends

If you want to buy a gift at the airport, you can choose from a large selection of shops, also available in the arrivals area of the airport. As well as typical souvenirs, you can find classic gifts in the range of shops. When leaving the airport building, travellers can expect a milder climate than in Germany. The weather in the Turkish city is moderate, with a yearly average of 13.9 °C. The average temperature of the water is 15 °C. Onward journeys from the airport are also comfortable; as well as taxis, there are various public and private buses in front of the terminals and a train to the centre of the city.

Flight to Istanbul for business travel

After their outward flight, business travellers will find car rentals in the arrival area of the terminal, where they can pick up the key for their rental car; returning the vehicle to Istanbul Airport (SAW) is just as easy. In the airport area, guests have the opportunity to surf the internet on payment of a fee. Istanbul airport offers numerous restaurants, cafés and bars serving regional and international food and drinks in a quiet environment, available to travellers waiting for a return flight.

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