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Karlsruhe: a Baden-Württemberg metropolis

Karlsruhe airport (FKB) is one of the most important airports in south-west Germany. It is also known as the Baden-Airpark and connects Karlsruhe with other major European cities. As well as attracting holidaymakers keen to visit its scenic and appealing surrounding districts, the town is also an interesting destination for those seeking a city break. In addition, there are many multinational companies based here, so many business travellers find their way to this city on the Rhine. The airport provides a quick and easy way to make the journey, and a cheap flight to Karlsruhe can be booked via SunExpress.

A Wi-Fi network across the whole site facilitates business communications, and the airport’s own conference room – complete with Internet access, wireless communications and all-inclusive catering – is available for small-scale business meetings. So book your SunExpress flight to Karlsruhe and enjoy this fascinating city on the banks of the Rhine!

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Discover Karlsruhe’s fascinating attractions

Karlsruhe – a city of around 300,000 inhabitants in western Baden-Württemberg – has many sites its visitors will want to see. Most start their tour at the Karlsruhe Palace, a magnificent baroque castle built as a residence and seat of government for the Baden Margraves. Not only does this building feature impressive architecture, its iconic presence defines the entire city. Many of Karlsruhe’s streets lead directly to the palace, so it is easy to see from almost anywhere in the city centre. The surrounding Schlosspark is an inviting green space that encourages visitors to spend some pleasant time in the open air. The city also has other castles, palaces and churches, which are well worth a visit.

Things to see in the local area

Situated on the banks of the Rhine, Karlsruhe lies within an exceptionally warm region. Here, the annual temperature averages 10.5 °C, making this one of Germany’s warmest cities. The weather can be especially hot in July when the average maximum temperature reaches 25.5 °C. One advantage of this warm climate is that holidaymakers find it very pleasant to spend lots of time outdoors, enjoying city life in an almost Mediterranean way. So it’s no surprise that a walk through the vineyards on the banks of the Rhine is a popular leisure activity, and there are many hiking trails linking Karlsruhe to the nearby Black Forest region. Besides the city itself, it’s partly the surrounding area that makes Karlsruhe such an interesting destination. The spa town of Baden-Baden, which is close by, features refined villas, luxurious hotels, thermal baths and the timeless atmosphere you would expect to find in a fashionable 19th-century resort. Indeed the town’s name (Baden – ‘bath’) refers to its exclusive status as a spa town.

Karlsruhe airport (FKB)

Passengers on incoming or outgoing flights at Karlsruhe can always be sure of a comfortable and efficient flight experience, with good access to the international transport network. Moreover, SunExpress and some other airlines also fly to the city of Baden, which ensures good links with major German cities such as Hamburg and Berlin. And alongside these schedules, there are several international flights out of Karlsruhe – for example to destinations such as the Turkish Mediterranean metropolis of Antalya. Any passengers who are visiting family in Turkey will have the chance to purchase some small gifts from the airport shops. And the same is true for family members visiting their relatives in Germany, who perhaps may not have had time to give any thought to a little surprise. Another advantage this airport offers is easy and entirely barrier-free access for those with physical impairments.

Karlsruhe flights for business travellers

The city hosts several large companies, which is why its airport is a popular destination for business people. Baden-Airpark is optimally equipped to deliver a comfortable and efficient air travel service. This begins with its transport links, which ensure that airport terminals can be easily reached via the A5 autobahn route as well as via several federal highways. At the airport itself, numerous parking facilities likewise make life much simpler, as do car rental options that can be accessed from within the terminal building, thus ensuring business travellers reach their final destination as quickly as possible. In addition, there are excellent public transport links, so the city centre and international railway station are only a short bus journey away.

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