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Kars – a cultural capital in eastern Türkiye (Turkey)

Kars is a medium-sized city in the east of Türkiye (Turkey). Not far from the borders of Armenia and Georgia, this city has a population of over 75,000 inhabitants and serves as an important metropolitan area of the region. As the area is predominately rural, the majority of the population works within the field of agriculture. Kars is an important trading centre due to its proximity to several borders. In addition, the city is a major traffic hub, with the railway line between Türkiye (Turkey) and Armenia cutting through Kars and bringing many visitors to the city. Meanwhile, air transport continues to play a major role in the city. The airport of Kars is connected to the international transport network and is pivotal to many people in this region of Türkiye (Turkey). Flights to Kars via SunExpress provide a quick and convenient way to get out and explore the city and further destinations throughout this part of Türkiye (Turkey).

The distance to the city centre is a mere 6 kilometres – with a shuttle bus, you can travel this distance within a few minutes. There are also many parking spaces available at the airport, with several car rental options on offer. Book cheap flights to Kars now, the easy way with SunExpress.

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Kars – discover a fascinating city in the Turkish mountains

Kars is characterised by its location in the midst of the mountains. The city itself is located on a high plateau, at an altitude of 1,768 metres above sea level. Situated in the province of the same name, there are several mountains with a height that exceeds more than 3,000 metres. The altitude, a continental climate and the southern position means that there are often extreme temperatures. In the summer, the average temperature often climbs past 35 degrees Celsius, while in winter it can plummet below minus 40 degrees Celsius. In addition to these temperatures, the climate is also relatively dry. If you’re looking to avoid these extreme swings in temperature, it’s best to avoid Kars in the summer, and visit during the spring or autumn. Many holidaymakers also choose to take advantage of the winter temperatures of the region, with Kars serving as a popular winter sports venue. The low temperatures in winter ensure that the area is exceptionally snow safe. In addition, a good infrastructure has developed in the mountains around the town, with the slopes served by ski lifts, and plenty of winter sports hotels and accommodation.

Things to see and do in and around Kars

The mountains around Kars offer much more than skiing opportunities. In spring, summer and autumn, the area comes alive with nature and makes the ideal destination for a hike. The rugged rocks provide a beautiful backdrop, whether you’re taking it slow and steady or pushing yourself to the limit. Moreover, in this region, the traditional culture of Anatolia is still very lively. A visit here lets visitors get a real insight into the traditions and practices of this enduring culture. There are many interesting buildings to discover within the city limits itself, with a diverse slate of architecture that reflects the varied history of this long-standing settlement. Kars was the capital of the Seljuks for some time in the 10th century, and the culture of this tribe can still be seen today in the architecture around Kars. There are several centuries-old baths with stone domes, a signature of the Seljuks. A particularly impressive location is the city cathedral, built in the 10th century by the Armenian population of the city. The citadel of Kars also served as a fortress for the Ottomans. In 1855, the Russians conquered the city and erected many buildings in a quintessentially Russian style.

Kars Airport (KSY): a pivotal gateway for international travel

Kars Airport (KSY) is not only an important gateway for international traffic, but also for many people in the surrounding area. It makes travel into this region of Türkiye (Turkey) incredibly simple for international tourists. Turkish nationals looking to move around popular destinations within Europe are well served by this airport, with plenty of low-cost flights available throughout the week. SunExpress flies from Izmir to Kars three times a week. From there, there are not only easy connections to Europe, but also flights to many other Turkish cities, including places such as Erzurum, Antalya and Adana. Other airlines provide for outward and return flights to Istanbul and Ankara. With a capacity of up to one million passengers per year, the airport is well equipped to handle air traffic.

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