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Experience culture and nature in Kayseri!


Kayseri lies in the heart of Türkiye (Turkey) and is still unknown to many. Surrounded by magnificent landscapes, Kayseri is the cultural center of Cappadocia and has lots of hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Start exploring the city by visiting the Hunat Hatun Mosque and the Ancient Kayseri Castle. Do not forget to visit the open-air museum in Göreme and get a bird’s eye view of Cappadocia on a wonderful balloon ride.

Last but not least; do not miss the culinary flavours that Kayseri has to offer! Click here to discover.

Kayseri – A Commercial and Industrial Hub in Central Türkiye (Turkey)

Kayseri is very well connected to national and international trade routes. This also makes the city the hub for holiday and business travelers.

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Country: Türkiye (Turkey)
Language: Turkish
Currency: Lira

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Explore the beautiful landscape of the Kayseri region

Kayseri is situated on a high plateau in the centre of Türkiye (Turkey). The highest mountain in the province is the Erciyes Dagi, with a summit of more than 3,900 metres. This summit proves popular with hikers and mountaineers. There are several fascinating archaeological sites in the region, with Kultepe only 20 kilometres away from the heart of Kayseri. This excavation site gives a mesmerising insight into the distant past, with many artefacts and ruins on view, dating all the way back to the Bronze Age. The rock reliefs of Firaktin and Hanyeri also date back to this period, with the carved figures making an essential stop on your journey through the region. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit these places, offering more bearable temperatures and a comfortable stay. If you’re a fan of the sunshine, the high summer temperatures should more than impress. If you’re looking to visit during a more moderate period, head to Türkiye (Turkey) in the winter. In the Kayseri region during winter, the mountainous outlying landscapes are ideal for winter sports. The slopes are exceptionally safe and ensure a good level of snow through the coldest months. If you’re heading to the area specifically for slopes, you’ll be glad to know the most popular resorts and skiing areas are well serviced by ski lifts and accommodation.

Kayseri – a city full of historical treasures

Kayseri owes its name to the Roman settlement of Caesarea. Although many impressive buildings have been built in this city over the centuries, very few traces of the oldest of these constructions are preserved today. One reason for this is that the city has been invaded many times over the years, with all those conflicts causing heavy damage. However, there are plenty of buildings on view from more recent periods. The citadel of Kayseri stands proud in the centre of the city and dates back to the 13th century. Inside the complex is the impressive Faith Mosque, which was added to the site in the 15th century. There is also the bustling bazaar of the city, characterised by traditional basalt buildings. Visitors to the bazaar will not only find plenty of shops and stalls geared toward the tourist, but an authentic insight into the timeless trade traditions of the city.

SunExpress – Kayseri connections for any occasion

People flock to Kayseri for all manner of reasons. The region is ideal for tourists looking to soak in some culture and enjoy unspoilt landscapes, with the impressive mountain region offering plenty to do for outdoor enthusiasts. Because of its trade importance, the city is also popular with business travellers. Expatriates looking to visit friends and family in Türkiye (Turkey) also use Kayseri as an easy route to make further connections to cities and towns across the country. For all kinds of traveller, SunExpress offers quick and convenient connections directly to Kayseri itself. SunExpress provides direct flights between Kayseri and cities including Dusseldorf, Munich, Cologne and Bonn. SunExpress also offers flights from Kayseri to Izmir and Antalya.

Kayseri Airport (ASR): enjoy quick connections during your trip

Kayseri Airport is distinguished not only by a varied schedule of fights operated by a selection of leading airlines, but is also incredibly well equipped to provide passengers with a comfortable connection. The airport has a single terminal that sees 5.5 million passengers pass through annually. It’s incredibly close to the centre of the city, lying just 5 kilometres away. Every 20 minutes, a shuttle bus provides quick connections to the city itself, so you can make the final leg of your journey regardless of the time you land.

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