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Konya – a major tourist destination in Central Anatolia

A cheap flight to Konya is interesting to both domestic travellers and foreign tourists; SunExpress flies to this destination regularly. Konya is situated at an altitude of around 1,200m and offers many attractions, with several modern shopping centres and a modern infrastructure. Konya was the religious centre during the Ottoman era, and the cultural monuments that are the witnesses of this great history are well worth a visit. Every year, more than 2 million tourists visit the city of Konya, which is of great cultural and historical interest, particularly because of the Mevlana Museum. Konya Airport is 18km outside the city; air travellers of Turkish origin fly with SunExpress to visit family, friends and relatives in the surrounding villages.

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Local time 14:12
Country: Türkiye (Turkey)
Language: Turkish
Currency: Lira

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A religious and cultural centre

For tourists, Konya airport is an interesting destination that offers easy access to the main attraction – the Mevlana complex. The Whirling Dervishes Festival, a spiritual music festival, takes place in December and is held in honour of the Sufi Rumi, who died in the 13th century. Numerous mosques with elaborate tiles from the Seljuk period can be admired in the centre of the city. Internationally renowned museums that give the visitor a great insight into the history and culture are equally worthwhile, as is a visit to Kulesi – the tallest building in Central Anatolia and the 11th highest tower in the whole of Türkiye (Turkey). The city development in Konya continues to expand outwards, and the busy business district between the Alaaddin hill and the Dervish monastery is an attractive destination for shopping trips. In the surrounding restaurants, visitors to the city can enjoy the local cuisine: inexpensive restaurants serving tasty vegetable salads and fresh kebabs await.

Things to see near Konya

Outside the city are notable attractions that are well worth a detour. A traveller’s tip: 8km to the north-west of Konya lies the 7,000-year-old village of Sille. This beautifully restored village is located directly on the ancient Silk, King and Pilgrim road to Jerusalem. Just 40km to the south-east of Konya is one of the oldest testimonies to the history of mankind; the settlement of Çatalhöyük. The imposing Hadim Selalesi waterfall, Ak Manastir monastery and Kilistra monastery are some of the other popular destinations in the area. Families with children will also get their money’s worth: at the Konya Tropical Butterfly Garden, young visitors will be enchanted by butterfly species from all over the world. A trip to this historic city is highly recommended.

The best time to travel for a successful stay in Konya

Cheap flights to Konya can be booked for any season; the city is always a worthwhile destination as far as temperatures are concerned. The continental climate is especially pleasant from April to June and from September to October. During these months, daily temperatures range between 17 and 26 °C. In the summer, the thermometer can rise to 30 °C, with more than 11 hours of sun in July and August. During the winter months, on the other hand, temperatures can drop in Konya, and the average temperature is 0 °C.

Konya Airport (KYA) is in the heart of Central Anatolia

Konya Airport was opened in the year 2000 and is connected to numerous cities in Europe via the internal airports of Izmir (ADB), Istanbul-Sabiha Gokcen (SAW) and the international Istanbul Ataturk airport (IST); there are also flights to Kayseri, Antalya and Ankara. Business travellers and visitors of Turkish origin take advantage of low-cost flights to Konya with SunExpress, as do tourists and pilgrims. Konya airport can be reached by taxi or a small bus from Konya Central Station. The parking lot with spaces for about 280 cars is located directly in front of the terminal.

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