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Lamezia Terme: the fascinating holiday destination in Southern Italy

Lamezia Terme is a medium-sized city with about 70,000 inhabitants, located in Calabria, which includes the boot tip of Italy, in the southern part of the Italian mainland. This area has depended on agriculture for centuries, thus preserving a very traditional way of life. Tourism developed only slowly, due not to any lack of charming holiday resorts in the area – the Calabrian coast boasts beautiful bays and impressive sights – but rather the remoteness and lack of accessibility of the region. Now, there are more and more flights to Lamezia Terme International airport (SUF), making it easy to get there. Traffic connections from here to other places on the coast are also very good, and increasing numbers of tourists visit the Calabria region. SunExpress also offers direct flights from Germany to Lamezia Terme, making it possible to reach this charming holiday region quickly and easily.

A trip to Sicily, for example to Catania, is another possibility. Car rental offers another way to reach the final destination and is a particularly flexible choice for a holiday. Book flights to Lamezia Terme with SunExpress and enjoy your trip to Calabria.

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The Calabrian coast: excellent conditions for a beach holiday

Lamezia Terme is located in a bay on the Tyrrhenian Sea on the west coast of Italy. Near the city, there are numerous fantastic sandy beaches, which are ideal for swimming. Picturesque bays and rugged hills descending to the sea provide an appealing backdrop. Further afield, there are many other excellent beaches for swimming and sunbathing; the Costa degli Dei, a few kilometres south of Lamezia Terme, is very popular. Here, holidaymakers can explore beautiful beaches with fine white sand, alternating with imposing cliffs. Most tourists come to Lamezia Terme and its beaches during the summer months when the temperatures are around 30 °C and the water temperature rises to 27 °C. The mild climate also offers the possibility of a beach holiday in autumn or spring, when visitors can enjoy pleasant temperatures without extremes of heat, and quiet, near-deserted beaches. Even in winter, the mild climate ensures pleasant conditions, when holidaymakers can take long walks on the beach or hikes and cycle rides in the mountainous interior.

Interesting sights in Lamezia Terme and its surroundings

It is not just the unique natural environment of Calabria that makes Lamezia Terme a popular holiday destination; there are also many attractive places to visit. In the district of Nicastro, visitors will discover a magnificent cathedral; there is also the ruins of Castello Normanno-Svevo, which was of great importance in the Middle Ages – the German King Henry VII was imprisoned here. Of the villages and towns in the area, Tropea is particularly worth a mention. The city, which is also on the coast, has a long history, which can be admired in its unique monuments. According to the legend, the Greek hero, Hercules, is said to have relaxed here after his adventures. Later, the town became the seat of a bishop; the imposing Norman cathedral still bears witness to this. The city was relocated to a high rocky coast for purposes of defence; a unique site that impresses locals as much as visitors. The pilgrimage church of Santa Maria Dell’Isola, situated on a steep hill in front of the city, is also very impressive.

Lamezia Terme airport (SUF)

To travel to Calabria, it is necessary to book a flight to Lamezia Terme (SUF). This airport was opened in 1976 as a small regional airport. Nowadays, several airlines offer international connections that have opened the region for tourism, and there are some 2.3 million passengers per year. SunExpress connects Lamezia Terme to Frankfurt and Leipzig / Halle. With a stop in one of these airports, visitors can also travel to many other destinations throughout Europe. With a flight to Lamezia Terme, it is possible to visit numerous other places across the rest of Calabria. A bus route connects the airport to the city centre and the train station, and it is quick and easy to reach for the return flight. From the station, there are train connections to most parts of Calabria.

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